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Thirty-six years ago, a young Afghan girl peered through haunting green eyes from the cover of National Geographic’s June issue. She was Sharbat Gula, orphaned during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and in 1984 she, her siblings, grandmother, and scores of other refugees had fled on foot toward Pakistan. The...
C-Suite Advisory

Capitalizing on Brand Equity via NFTs

Nonfungible Tokens, specifically in the digital arts space, have taken the art and crypto world by storm. They have become the “killer app” of Blockchain and driven up the utilities and adoption of digital currencies. An NFT (non-fungible token) certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable....
Art And Culture

Choose to Be Open to Lessons Wherever They Find You

Life’s greatest lessons don’t typically come from acts of intentionally seeking knowledge, so much they come when knowledge unintentionally finds us. Education scholar John Dewey identified this phenomenon as collateral learning. In his groundbreaking book, Experience & Education, Dewey wrote: “Collateral learning in the way of formation of enduring attitudes,...
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