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NJ Ayuk
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NJ Ayuk on How Africa Can Find a Balance for Its Energy Future

As the world continues to weigh its demands for energy against the creeping realities of man-made climate change, Africa has been thrust into a precarious situation, according to energy expert NJ Ayuk.  Across the globe, wealthy nations are constantly devouring more fossil fuels like coal and oil while simultaneously pushing...
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Does “ful” really make it a word? Evolving Language Should Unify and Bind—Not Divide and Confuse

Every year, the world’s prominent English-language dictionaries add anywhere from a few hundred to 1,000 “neologisms”—newly coined words or phrases—to their pages. For Merriam-Webster and Oxford, it’s an exhaustive process that can involve tracking words from sometimes obscure uses into the mass-market national, and even global, lexicon.  These arrivals can...
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