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How To Learn Programming Better And Faster

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What would the world be without programmers? Everything ‘tech’ around us, is all thanks to talented programmers. From a television remote to Google search, programs are everywhere. So, quite expectedly, programmers are in huge demand. Even though, and as they say, programmers have become too mainstream, they are nevertheless indispensable to humanity’s growth. Technology keeps getting better, and you cannot keep a tab on its growth without programmers.

Now you may wonder what makes a good programmer. Yes, a popular route is through formal education in a good university or college. Or, you can simply become an autodidact and master programming on your own. Whatever route you eventually decide on, you must remember that there are a few common factors that improve one’s programming skills. There are a few really amazing tips that can supplement your journey to becoming a successful programmer.

Here are 5 such tips that can make programming better and faster.

  1. Get your basics clear
    You do not start with anything big without starting small. That is the law! The same principle applies to programming. You should know that it is a very complicated activity, and unless your fundamentals are clear you won’t be able to undertake an advanced level of programming. A few basics you should keep a tab on include variables, syntax, data structures, and tools. Go back to your high school textbooks and read them attentively. Yes, I know it may prolong the process of learning but it is a vital step forward.

  1. Practice more
    In the previous point, I emphasized the need to read textbooks and get your basics clear. But, remember to not find comfort in theoretical knowledge because programming is majorly practical. It is not a big deal to read about variables, syntax, different languages in textbooks but they don’t tell you how they work in real-time programming. You have to get on the computer and practice programming. For example, start with an easy code, tinker with it to generate different results, and then try creating optimized codes. Now you can’t do all of this in the first turn. There are multiple trails you will have to conduct to get your results. The more you practice coding, the more analytical you will become.

  1. Online resources come in handy
    The Internet can make anyone anything. You could become a dancer, teacher, video editor, language expert, etc just by exploring and exploiting resources on the Internet. So, there are certainly tons of things to take help from when it comes to programming. If you haven’t started with your programming journey or want to upgrade your skillsets, then there are many platforms where expert programmers teach the tricks and tips of coding. These platforms include edX, Coursera, Udemy, GeeksforGeeks, and whatnot. Many online communities of coders can be found on Quora, Discord, and Reddit.

  1. Learn to use a debugger
    It is very important for a programmer to use a debugger. What is a debugger? A debugger, as the name suggests, helps you in the detection of bugs in a computer program. It is basically a computer program that allows you to run a target program and track its operations to detect the presence of any malfunctioning code. Note, however, that using a debugger may be a challenging task in the beginning. Once you master debugging, you will be able to save a lot of time in detecting bugs in your code. After all, every programmer must know whether her code works or not, and a debugger is all you need for the same.

  1. Ask for help whenever you need
    The community of coders is huge and helpful. You have just started anew in this field and may not be able to understand everything on your own. Yes, there is your textbook and the Internet for help but they are not always enough to run programs. Join online communities of coders and do not hesitate in asking for help. Ask a coder-friend of yours to go through your code and help you identify problems with it. The more pair of eyes you have on your code, the more information you will gain on its viability.

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