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Cryptocurrency bank (KC Bank) has opened with an uproar in Miami!

A few months ago, the CEO of Karatbars International Harald Seiz made an announcement that the company will open Karatcoin Bank  which is the first cryptocurrency bank in Miami, USA. This bank will be located in Miami and will be fully operational in July 2018.

The cryptocurrency has literally got in the world in an uproar. This is one of the first cryptocurrency banks in the world which is fully licensed. The focus of this bank is to develop the karat gold coins into a mainstream payment system.

The licensing of the bank offers you security thus you can rely on this cryptocurrency bank as a method of payment. With this bank, now you can access to all banking services using cryptocurrency itself. Now you can use your Karatgold Coin (KBC) pretty much just like as your fiat currency. The bank will offer you backing not just for a Karatcoin Bank but the currency itself.

This makes the Karatgold Coin (KBC) as a stable means of exchange. A Karatgold Coin (KBC) is an inflation-protected as the demand for the cryptocurrency increases so the intrinsic value. The bank’s management has the experts of cryptocurrency trading. They will let you know the procedure and even work on your behalf to leverage the value of their tokens into currency.

If you are a depositor in this bank, then you can withdraw your money at any time from the bank in terms of cryptocurrency or fiat currency as per your choice.

The Karatbars International has been around since 2011 and it is dept free. There are hundreds of thousands of fully independent affiliates who are associated with Karatbars.

The CEO says that the mission behind opening a cryptocurrency bank is that is to make it affordable for basically anyone to acquire gold to create wealth for not only themselves but also for their families. Now you can literally exchange your currency wherever you are because the bank will provide services worldwide around in 120 countries. So wherever you are, you can exchange your currency for physical gold. You can even obtain 0.1-gram gold at a time which you can get less than the US $10. The value of 1 Karatgold Coin (KBC) is 0.1 grams in gold.

The CEO of the company is a German finance entrepreneur and saw the need for the cryptocurrency to have the backing of hard assets. At the time of the financial crisis of 2008, feels to help ordinary people who store their gold as an asset. Harald Seiz comes with this idea by evaluating the fact that the currency collapse about every 80 years which affects the lives of ordinary peoples to a major extent and other assets like gold can always maintain its value that is why He comes with an idea of a cryptocurrency bank in Miami, US. This compensation plan is really crazy and had come in market with an uproar in this month.

Thus now with this cryptocurrency bank, a person in Europe can exchange karat coin as for the products in Asia without being hurt by the currency fluctuations. That is why these coins offer the way for a stable cryptocurrency that becomes a practical form of money.

As the bank is fully licensed thus the popularity of the coins will spread rapidly. Now obtaining assets that will appreciate in value and not depreciate is not a difficult task. Now you don’t have to wait more, start preserving the wealth of you and your family and have a stable future with cryptocurrency bank.

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