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Top Big Data Executives and Experts to Follow on Twitter

To recognize and learn more about big data technologies and architecture, vendor developments in the big data and analytics industry, and numerous technical challenges. I have decided to compile a list of the Most Influential Voices in Big Data and Quantitative Analytics Arena. And what they think are their biggest challenges when implementing big data in their storage environments.

In our research, some influential Big Data and Analytics Experts are not included in this list, either because they don’t have active Twitter accounts, or they only tweet about big data sporadically. Want to connect with the most influential voices talking about the Big Data?

Top Big Data Executives and Experts to Follow on Twitter

Top Big Data Executives and Experts to Follow on Twitter

1. Hilary Mason, a Data Scientist in Residence at Accel, Scientist Emeritus at bitly, co-founder of HackNY, co-host of DataGotham, and member of NYCResistor. You can follow Hilary Mason on Twitter @hmason.

2. Todd Park, the Chief Technology Officer of the United States, replacing the United States’ first CTO Aneesh Chopra. You can follow Todd Park on Twitter @todd_park.

3. Seth Grimes, the leading industry analyst covering text analytics, sentiment analysis, and analysis on the confluence of structured and unstructured data sources. You can follow Seth Grimes on Twitter @SethGrimes.

4. Cindi Howson, Founder, BI Scorecard, business intelligence and management reporting expert with 20 years’ experience. As an industry analyst, she publishes in-depth product reviews on, writes for Information Week, and the author of several books including: Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App and SAP BusinessObjectsBI 4.0: The Complete Reference You can follow Cindi Howson on Twitter @biscorecard.

5. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, the President of KDnuggets, which provides analytics and data mining consulting. Gregory is a founder of KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data mining conferences) and is one of the leading experts in the field. You can follow Gregory Piatetsky on Twitter @kdnuggets.

6. Eric Kavanagh, SXSW Advisory Board Member for Accelerator & V2, provide insights and assessments of Big Data and Enterprise Software, CEO of The Bloor Group. You can follow ric Kavanagh on Twitter @eric_kavanagh.

7. Harish Kotadia Ph.D. thought leader on Big Data and Analytics with more than thirteen years’ experience as a hands-on CRM/Analytics and BI Program and Project Manager implementing CRM/ Analytics and BI solutions for Fortune 500 clients in the US and five years’ work experience as a Research Executive in Marketing Research, Analytics and Consulting industry. You can follow Harish Kotadia on Twitter @HKotadia.

8. Marcus Borba, CTO at Spark Strategic Business Solution, expert on Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Performance Management, Data Management, Data Visualization, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Execution, Information Management, and Business Strategy. You can follow Marcus Borba on Twitter @marcusborba.

9. Bryan Eisenberg, a recognized authority and pioneer in improving online conversion rates, Persuasion Architecture, and persona marketing. You can follow Bryan Eisenberg  on Twitter @TheGrok.

10. Usama Fayyad, Chief Data Officer & Group Managing Director at Barclays Group and Executive Chairman of Oasis 500. You can follow Usama Fayyad on Twitter @usamaf.

11. Carla Gentry, Data Scientist, Data_Nerd Founder Analytical-Solution. You can follow Carla Gentry on Twitter @data_nerd.

12. David Smith, the Vice President of Marketing at Revolution Analytics  You can follow David Smith on Twitter @revodavid.

13. Aneesh Chopra, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer & Virginia Sec. of Technology; Senior Advisor, The Advisory Board Company You can follow Aneesh Chopra on Twitter @aneeshchopra.

14. Kirk Borne, Data Scientist, Data Mining Specialist, Big Data Researcher, and Consultant. You can follow Kirk Borne on Twitter @kirkdborne.

15. Krish Krishnan, a worldwide-recognized expert in the strategy, architecture, and implementation of high-performance data warehousing solutions and big data. You can follow Krish Krishnan on Twitter @datagenius.

16. Lillian Pierson, Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Data-Mania You can follow Lillian Pierson on Twitter @BigDataGal.

17. Yves Mulkers, Business Intelligence and Data modeling expert. You can follow Yves Mulkers on Twitter @YvesMulkers.

18. Mike Olson, co-founded Cloudera in 2008 and served as its CEO until 2013 when he took on his current role of chief strategy officer (CSO.) As CSO, Mike is responsible for Cloudera’s product strategy, open source leadership, engineering alignment and direct engagement with customers. You can follow Mike Olson on Twitter @mikeolson.

19. Jaime Fitzgerald, Founder and president of Fitzgerald Analytics. You can follow Jaime Fitzgerald on Twitter @jaimefitzgerald.

20. Thomas Ciszek, Co-founder Cojoin Inc., A next generation 
analytics platform for non-developers, Cojoin makes integrating data and combining metrics faster when managing diverse datasets, information processes, and other intermediate data products. . You can follow Thomas Ciszek on Twitter @t1c1.

21. William McKnight at McKnight Consulting Group, focuses on delivering business value and solving business problems utilizing proven, streamlined approaches in information management. You can follow William McKnight on Twitter @williammcknight.

22. Joshua Burkhow, a Data Scientist minded individual with an amazing love of data and information. You can follow Joshua Burkhow on Twitter @dataenthusiast.

23. Michael Hausenblas, Chief Data Engineer EMEA at MapR Technologies. You can follow Michael Hausenblas on Twitter @mhausenblas.

24. Ferenc Huszar, data scientist at Balderton Capital. You can follow Ferenc Huszar on Twitter @fhuszar.

25. Ted Dunning, Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies, brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified Big Data platform. You can follow Ted Dunning on Twitter @ted_dunning.

26. Jeffrey Eisenberg, a recognized authority and pioneer of Internet marketing strategy; improving online conversion rates for sales and lead generation. You can follow Jeffrey Eisenberg on Twitter @JeffreyGroks.

27. Marie Wallace, Analytics Strategist at IBM. You can follow Marie Wallace on Twitter @marie_wallace.

28. Gil Press, Managing Partner at gPress, a marketing, publishing, and research consultancy. You can follow Gil Press on Twitter @GilPress.

29. Mandi Bishop, a veteran technologist, IT project/portfolio manager, Principal at Adaptive Project Solutions. You can follow Mandi Bishop on Twitter @MandiBPro.

30. Curt Monash. a leading analyst of and strategic advisor to the software industry. You can follow Curt Monash on Twitter @CurtMonash.

31. Francois Mathieu, Inbound Marketing Manager at Uberflip, lets you bring all of your content (social, blogs, video and more) together, creating a killer content experience that increases engagement and generates leads. You can follow Francois Mathieu on Twitter @francoismat.

32. Sushil Pramanick, the Founder and President of The Big Data Institute (TBDI) You can follow Sushil Pramanick on Twitter @BigDataSpeaker.

33. Neil Raden, CEO & Principal Analyst: Hired Brains Research LLC You can follow Neil Raden on Twitter @NeilRaden.

34. Karen Lopez, Senior Project Manager and Architect. You can follow Karen Lopez on Twitter @datachick.

35. Loretta Mahon Smith , Enterprise Information Management Center of Excellence Lead for Data Modeling at IBM. You can follow Loretta Mahon on Twitter @silverdata.

36. Pierre Debois, Founder and Chief Digital Marketing Strategist, Zimana / Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Strategy Services. You can follow Pierre Debois on Twitter @zimanaanalytics.

37. James Kobielus  You can follow on Twitter @jameskobielus.
38. Merv Adrian  You can follow Twitter @merv.
39. Peter Skomoroch  – @peteskomoroch.
40.  Milind Bhandarkar  @techmilind.
41. Patrick Meier @patrickmeier.
42. Hailey McKeefry  @haileymck.
43. Lara Rubbelke @sqlgal.
44. Cedric Carbone   @carbone.
45. Ali Rebaie  – @alirebaie.
46. Joe Harris  – @joeharris76.
47. Doug Laney @doug_laney.
48. Ellen Friedman @ellen_friedman.
49. Harper @harper.
50. Michael H @mphnyc.
51. Doug Laney @doug_laney.
52. Daniel Tunkeland @dtunkelang.
53. Oliver Ratzesberger @ratzesberger.
54. Jonathan Ellis  – @spyced.
55. Derrick Harris@derrickharris.
56. Craig Milroy @craigmilroy
57. Doug Henschen  – @dhenschen.
58. Duncan Ross  – @duncan3ross.
59. Tony Baer  – @tonybaer.
60. Justin Lovell @justinlovell.
61. jaymce @jaymce.
62. Andrew Brust @andrewbrust
63. Brian Kardon  – @bkardon.
64. Mathias Herberts  – @herberts.
65. Tom Anderson, the founder and managing partner of Anderson Analytics (developers of OdinText), a consultancy and software development firm that takes a “next generation” approach to research by fusing advanced analytics and traditional methodologies with leading edge technologies like data and text mining. You can follow Tom on Twitter @TomHCAnderson.
66. Bill Schmarzo, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Information Management & Analytics, Bill sets the strategy and defines offerings and capabilities for the Enterprise Information Management and Analytics within EMC Consulting, Global Services. You can follow Bill on Twitter @schmarzo.


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Most Influential Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter

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