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Most Impressive Cloud Storage and Backup Services Providers For Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners

Cloud Storage and backup services are becoming more prevalent and powerful than ever.

It’s time for entrepreneurs and small business owners to take advantage of these tools to help their businesses grow and run smoother.

Fortunately for small business owners, there are plenty of Cloud Storage and Backup Services out there that will suit needs ranging from those of individual consumers to those of large enterprises.

If you are new to cloud storage, you must be wondering what is cloud service?

Cloud storage is a method where you sync your personal computing device with an online storage server and upload your data on that particular server. The upload can be done manually or automatically and runs at the background without interfering with your normal functioning of your personal computer. You have the ability to choose what to upload and when to upload.

Here are some advantages of cloud computing:

You can access your files from anywhere using an internet connection.
You can backup your files online so that even if one of your devices crash, your files aren’t lost.
You can share them with anybody you want with great ease.
Edit a file in one device and the file automatically gets updated in all other devices.

The number of entrepreneurs who are using these services has doubled over the past five years. That being the case, Here is a list of some of the cloud storage and backup services – they’re worth exploring:

Google Drive  –  Google Drive is already a very popular service. It’s easy to use if you already have a Google account —  100GB costs a mere $5 a month (and Google even bumps up your Gmail storage to 25GB as a bonus).

Google Drive

Google Drive

Box Box Business and Box Enterprise put an end to the FTP productivity drain while enhancing your professional image. Fast, reliable and easy to use, Box lets users easily upload content, organise it into folders, share links to files and manage file and folder permissions. The total effect: Box customers are more productive than ever before. That’s what Box is all about.

Box - Cloud Storage

Box – Cloud Storage

CrashPlan PRO – Each of our data centers complies with the strictest security standards and conform to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and protection symptoms. CrashPlan PRO uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption, one of the most robust encryption methods available. Your files are encrypted before they leave your computer and then transferred to our servers using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol.
CrashPlan-PRODropbox Dropbox is one of the more popular cloud-based syncing and storage tools, and offers users a convenient way to transfer files from one system to another, or share files with colleagues.
Amazon Glacier – a niche storage service designed to offer durable and low-cost storage solely to meet data archival and backup needs.

SugarSync Remote access is a critical feature for SugarSync’s end-users, giving them anytime, anywhere access to their documents, photos, videos, music and more from any computer or mobile device.

What’s the best Cloud Storage and backup services you are currently using for your business?

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