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Becoming a Happy Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is one with all the responsibility. It’s not an easy job. It’s one with great efforts and hard work. Here are a few key points to keep in mind in order to be a happy entrepreneur and balancing work with your personal life:

Believe in Yourself – For the start of any profession, it is important that you believe in yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, nobody else will. Be confident about your work and watch everyone respect you for that.

Delegate – One of the major keys to being a happy entrepreneur is delegating work to your employees. It’s extremely necessary for them to believe they are a part of the company too. With this step, you embed in them a responsibility and then let them try to keep up to it and reach the desired standard.

Consider your Employees’ Point of View – While delegating, make sure you don’t always tell them outright what to do. Leave some decisions to them. You might catch in some great ideas and they might want to work harder too!

Be a Role Model – When you are the boss, whether you have 1 employee or a 100, you always stand as a role model. Design your lifestyle such that they can look up to you and follow you. You are not only responsible for your own life but theirs too. Do what you expect them to do.

Lifestyle – Not only for your employees, but also for yourself, enterprise a lifestyle that is healthy. Try waking up early, unless of course your work is only at night. Exercise and stay fit. Eat right and see yourself being much happier than you used to be!

Start your Day with a Smile  – A smile takes 17 muscles but can make a whole lot of difference. So, start your day with a smile. Do something nice for someone and see the universe working its way to make you smile. Believe in the ‘Secret’ – The Universe works by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events, and people that ‘match the frequency’ of the person’s thoughts and feelings. Positive thinking and feeling positive will create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

Don’t be a Workaholic!  – You might love your work and consider it no different than your personal life but there will always be something deep down within you that you’ve always wanted to do but have been unable to. Give that a chance. Live for yourself. Make yourself feel happy and your productivity will increase. Take a few breaks here and there and see yourself smiling a lot more.

Spend on yourself, dress up for yourself – It’s true that when you dress up, you feel a lot happier about yourself. Dressing might seem tedious at times when you want to just crawl into your bed. Push yourself to get out, be more active, dress up and dress up only for yourself. That’s when it’ll work!

Engage yourself in Several Activities – An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. So, keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy. Travel, get to know more people and see your personality change. Be an all rounded person and try gaining knowledge from every place you can find any. With every person you meet and every place you discover, you’ll learn something new. Allow yourself to do that.

Learn from your Mistakes – It’s the last but the most important step you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Everyone faces disappointment but don’t let mistakes or failures stop you from trying again. Pick yourself up and believe in your dreams. Work harder and learn from these catastrophes.

By Vidhika Khatwani, Mumbai based associate research editor, dedicated to my father, Mr. Sanjeev Khatwani, CEO & Founder, VUCADD Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd and my boss Ms. Elisha Saigal, CEO & Founder, El Sol Strategic Consultants – The two who have inspired me. Image courtesy by  Victor1558, mikebaird and dell.

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