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Top Best Home Network Software to Set up and Manage Your Network

HomeNet Manager- With Home Network Manager you can instantly set up your home network and auto detect and add printers and devices. Add, share, and manage all network devices within your home or small office instantly through HomeNet Manager’s interface. The application  provides a full wireless client to simply the task of connecting to and roaming between wireless networks, and an Intruder Blocking technology that keeps unwanted users off your network. HomeNet Manager managing and securing your home networkUsing an easy-to-understand graphical interface, simply, add, remove, troubleshoot and configure all your network devices.

Network Magic Pro- Network Magic eliminates home networking hassles and helps you do more with your network. It lets you easily print from any of your home computers to any of your printers, share music, photos, and other files across all of your computers and operating systems with a few clicks. Network Magic also helps you troubleshoot and repair broken wireless Internet connections and protect your wireless network from intruders. Additionally, Network Magic gives you an up-to-date map of your network, and lets you manage the security of all your PCs from one centralized dashboard. Version 5.5.2 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Sereniti NetTrooper- With Sereniti’s NetTrooper application, you’ll simplify home computing while protecting your identity and your online security. NetTrooper provides network discovery and mapping of all of the computers in the home. It offers automation for repairing connectivity issues, easy printer, and file sharing, management of wireless routers, and security alerts to protect you and your computer from online threats. And the best part is you don’t have to know anything about a network in order to setup your network security. Here are some key features of “NetTrooper”: · Protect Your Identity · Simplify Home Networking · One Comprehensive Software Does It All · Printer and File Sharing · Network Mapping · Auto Diagnose and Repair

Sagemcom NetGuru-
A PC software tool to empower home users to manage their network. Even technical novices can become home networking experts with Sagemcom NetGuru. This user-friendly software provides a clear, ‘network map’ overview of the broadband connection and the attached equipment, giving users the control to carry out home networking chores with ease. Add devices, configure wireless connectivity, monitor status, setup file and print sharing, check security and identify and solve problems without fuss or frustration. Spend less time trying to pinpoint the cause of problems and make fewer helpdesk calls. With Sagemcom NetGuru, you can be the ‘guru’ of your own home network.

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