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Men run the show on Twitter

The Harvard Business Review released new research on who is participating on Twitter. Marketers and business owners obviously need these statistics to decide if Twitter should be their cup of tea in the social media world.

Although there are more women than men on Twitter, and both genders tend to “Tweet” at the same rate, men dominate most of the activity:

• Twittering men have 15 percent more followers than their female counterparts.
• An average man is almost twice as likely to follow another man than a woman.
• An average woman is 25 percent more likely to follow a man than a woman.
• An average man is 40 percent more likely to be followed by another man than by a woman.

According to the Harvard Business Review’s blog post I read, these statistics place Twitter in sharp contrast to other social networks, where women tend to run the show. A section of the post said that –

“On a typical online social network, most of the activity is focused around women – men follow content produced by women they do and do not know, and women follow content produced by women they know.”

Also included in the research was some bad news for Twitter longevity.  The median number of lifetime Tweets per user is only one, and the most prolific 10 percent account for over 90 percent of Tweets.

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