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India’s Top 12 Tech Cities: Digital Indian Cities Survey, 2016

by 12/02/2016

Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai are the best-perceived tech cities in India, according to a survey by the CEOWORLD magazine. Question topics touched on Start-up growth, digital infrastructure, innovation, and livability. Bangalore took the top spot, because people said it

World’s Best Universities For Graduate Employability In 2016, Caltech, MIT, And Harvard Tops

by 12/02/2016

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) became the highest-ranked university in the world for preparing graduates for the workplace, according to Times Higher Education (THE) 2016 survey, MIT comes in at second place. Perhaps unsurprisingly, American universities dominate this year’s results.

Key cybersecurity tips for road warriors

by 12/02/2016

Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix, reveals his top cybersecurity tips and explains how to improve privacy and security of your mobile devices while travelling for business Road warriors have to be vigilant. Besides their normal work, they are

12 Start Up Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

by 12/01/2016

Starting your own business is a huge step, and the effort and hard work can result in a good pay off. However, nothing s certain when you start to go it alone and it can never hurt to be aware

Why great leadership isn’t a popularity contest

by 12/01/2016

It isn’t easy being a leader in a world undergoing change that is so rapid and vast that the World Economic Forum titled it the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, leadership tenure is shrinking.  Research from PWC released this

Here Are 9 Simple Ways To Make Your Customers Happy

by 12/01/2016

Customer retention is one of the most underrated aspects of business today. So much of marketing and business strategy is directed towards brand awareness and increasing customer base, that the value of improving relationships with existing customers is dramatically overlooked.

Advancing Strategic Decision-Making with Expert-Sourcing and Big Knowledge

by 12/01/2016

Our information age is also an era of unique risk. Dangerous events – e.g., large-scale terrorist attacks, wars, revolutions, financial crises, climate catastrophes – occur before warning or preparation can take place. Add to that the growing complexity of the

How Keeping up with the Latest News Could Impact Your Business Performance

by 12/01/2016

As a business owner you have a lot of responsibilities. Simply making sure you stay in the black isn’t enough, you also need to ensure your employees are motivated and that the company is protected against any threats. One of

Hiring a great CEO: drivers of success and common mistakes to avoid

by 11/30/2016

Among the most important decisions any Board of Directors make is who to appoint to the role of CEO.  The decisions the CEO in turn makes about the leaders they entrust to lead their team unquestionably has a profound impact

India’s Richest Tech Titans: 8 Wealthiest Indian Tech Billionaires, 2016

by 11/29/2016

Technology is a combination of skill, technique, a method and above all a combination of all of these together. Technology has brought tremendous convenience to our lives by enhancing our abilities and therefore, has become an essential part of our

7 Ways to Improve the Employee Relocation Experience

by 11/29/2016

Most corporations have a relocation policy that governs the process of finding housing, moving, and transitioning into the new work environment. The method your firm administers to relocate and resettle your employees is more vital than many managers realize. Unfortunately,

Revealed: the recipe for career satisfaction

by 11/29/2016

A recent infographic from career-matching platform Sokanu examined the happiness of workers in America, and how job satisfaction varies across both profession and location. According to the data, the happiest places to work include Hawaii, West Virginia, and Maine, while

50 best U.S. business schools for full-time MBA programs of 2016, according to Bloomberg

by 11/28/2016

Harvard Business School (HBS) has topped Bloomberg’s prestigious business school rankings for full-time MBA programs for the 2nd year on the trot. Attending a top MBA program is an expensive endeavor, for example, if you were to graduate with your

Most Entrepreneurial Countries In The World, 2017

by 11/25/2016

It’s official, United States is the most entrepreneurial country in the world, according to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), it remains the country with the most favourable conditions for entrepreneurs to launch startups and grow new businesses. The index

Best Business Schools In India, 2016

by 11/24/2016

In the early decades, a specialised academic background for running a successful business was not mandatory. But with the emergence of fresh ideas and new competition, the Importance of specialized B schools has increased considerably since the 20th century. Today,