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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Interestingly, Coca-Cola Company was named the most powerful brand

Not surprisingly, Australia is the number one choice among

Unsurprisingly, the top-paid woman on the ranking is Oracle

Ever wondered which aerospace and defense companies make the

While perimeter, cloud, and mobile security tend to grab the headlines, in reality it’s the database repositories and the private financial information stored in databases that are the actual target of most breaches. Comprehensive database security is commonly an overlooked

Workplace engagement is one of the most critical factors for creating and sustaining job satisfaction, increasing productivity and ensuring a healthy bottom line. Organisations with high rates of engagement consistently outperform their sector benchmarks for growth across a range of

There’s a lot of excitement about big data. Interest in what we can do with information, especially large volumes of data, is at an all-time high. We have more data at this point in history than we’ve ever had, and

Which German companies are offering employees the fattest paychecks? Well, If you are looking for a German company that pays its employees exceedingly well, Roland Berger and Siemens topped 2016’s Glassdoor rankings. The median income of employees from both of

Europe’s largest economy, Germany ranked number one among G-20 countries for well-being of children, according to a new report by Save the Children. Despite being the richest G-20 country in terms of GDP per capita, the United States ranks ninth

It is not surprising that the top 3 largest companies by market capitalization, in 2016, are all technology companies: Apple, Alphabet (the newly minted parent company of Google), and Microsoft. So, you want to get into the 200 billion-dollar club,