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Sustainability: It’s More Than Just Being Green

by 12/08/2016

If you conduct an informal poll among your colleagues asking them to define what “sustainability” means, you’ll probably get a lot of responses related to the idea that it relates to environmental consciousness or “going green.” But that definition sells

Business Opportunities In Sports In India

by 12/08/2016

Sports is enjoyed by everyone, participants as well as the spectators! While sports can be a lifestyle for some people, it is a stress buster for a few, leisure for many and entertainment for the enthusiasts. For centuries, the buzz

50 Billion-Dollar Startups That Didn’t Exist 11 Years Ago

by 12/08/2016

They’re the startups who make products and apps you can’t live without and now they’re worth billions. Whether some of these private market valuations really do represent an accurate assessment of a startup’s value; or not is another question. Since

Leadership Without Engagement Does Not Work

by 12/07/2016

If you were able to covertly drop into most companies, you could see executives who have no idea what is happening in their distribution centers, managers who had no idea they were losing customers until it was too late or

A Hacker for Every Board Room

by 12/07/2016

When it comes to cyber security, the biggest problem executives face today is the institutional failure to grasp the way hackers and identity thieves operate. While there seems to be a general understanding that email is a way people get

Digital Security Starts In The C-Suite

by 12/07/2016

Digital security is a technical field, but for organizations that build software applications and offer online services, security is also a psychological and managerial issue. A company can hire for technical expertise, but if its executives don’t set the right

Should You Find a Technical Co-Founder or Hire an Early Developer Employee?

by 12/06/2016

It seems like every young person nowadays has an idea for that app that’s going to make them fifty million dollars and allow them to never work again. Unfortunately, the most common setback is finding someone to actually build the

The Best Music schools in the world, 2016

by 12/05/2016

If you are planning to attend a music school, but struggling to choose the right one? CEOWORLD magazine has put together a list of the best music schools in the world to make your selection process easier. 1. The Juilliard

The most and least trustworthy professions of 2016 revealed

by 12/05/2016

Public confidence in politicians has reached an all time low, according to the Ipsos Mori poll, Nurses, however, were found to be the most trustworthy professionals. The poll of 1,019 British adults was taken in October. It found Politicians, in

What Really Impacts B2B New Product Success Rates?

by 12/05/2016

Experts have bemoaned the low success rates of new products for years. One highly respected researcher, Dr. Robert Cooper, puts the success rate at one-in-four, when measured from the beginning of the development stage. What’s the cause for such a

Bravery vs Bravado – what type of leader are you?

by 12/05/2016

Simon Sinek has a fantastic quote from his article Failure Is An Option; “to operate based on conviction and belief requires an acceptance that your actions could get you fired. This is different from pig-headed bravado, and it is different from

India’s Top 12 Tech Cities: Digital Indian Cities Survey, 2016

by 12/02/2016

Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai are the best-perceived tech cities in India, according to a survey by the CEOWORLD magazine. Question topics touched on Start-up growth, digital infrastructure, innovation, and livability. Bangalore took the top spot, because people said it

World’s Best Universities For Graduate Employability In 2016, Caltech, MIT, And Harvard Tops

by 12/02/2016

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) became the highest-ranked university in the world for preparing graduates for the workplace, according to Times Higher Education (THE) 2016 survey, MIT comes in at second place. Perhaps unsurprisingly, American universities dominate this year’s results.

Key cybersecurity tips for road warriors

by 12/02/2016

Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix, reveals his top cybersecurity tips and explains how to improve privacy and security of your mobile devices while travelling for business Road warriors have to be vigilant. Besides their normal work, they are

12 Start Up Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

by 12/01/2016

Starting your own business is a huge step, and the effort and hard work can result in a good pay off. However, nothing s certain when you start to go it alone and it can never hurt to be aware