Ayushi Kushwaha

Ayushi Kushwaha

Ayushi Kushwaha, Staff Writer for the CEOWORLD magazine. She’s spent more than a decade working for various magazines, newspapers, and digital publications and is now a Staff Writer at The CEOWORLD magazine. She writes news stories and executive profiles for the magazine’s print and online editions. Obsessed with unlocking high-impact choices to accelerate meaningful progress, she helps individuals and organizations stand out and get noticed. She can be reached on email ayushi-kushwaha@ceoworld.biz.
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How The Rich Travel The World

Individuals with high net worth are well-positioned to be flexible with their travel plans. Unsurprisingly, the rich come up with district ways to plan and enjoy their travel agendas. Of course, much of this is possible because of the sheer amount of resources they have. But, one can also consider...
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5 Tips On How To Churn Money From Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is considered integral to financial planning. Since time immemorial, real estate property has been at the heart of human civilization. Legal and political enthusiasts would recall how social contract theories were shaped by the need to protect personal properties. Even historically speaking, humankind underwent revolutionary changes because...
Money and WealthSuccess and Leadership

Things CBI Investors Should Know About The Schengen Area

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) schemes have become increasingly popular among investors. High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and Ultra HNWIs find these schemes lucrative investment opportunities and lifestyle choices. Quite frequently, these schemes allow wealthy individuals to save taxes and indulge in unaccountable practices for which these schemes remain under the...
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