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Ayushi Kushwaha

Ayushi Kushwaha

Ayushi Kushwaha, Staff Writer for the CEOWORLD magazine. She’s spent more than a decade working for various magazines, newspapers, and digital publications and is now a Staff Writer at The CEOWORLD magazine. She writes news stories and executive profiles for the magazine’s print and online editions. Obsessed with unlocking high-impact choices to accelerate meaningful progress, she helps individuals and organizations stand out and get noticed. She can be reached on email
Special Reports

Revealed: Countries most exposed to floods worldwide

From economic powerhouses to vulnerable nations, flood risk ties them together. The global story unfolds as numbers reveal diverse countries on nature's edge. These statistics expose the truth: flood vulnerability disregards boundaries. Join us in exploring this narrative, where landlocked countries face spring thaw, coastal regions combat rising seas, and...
Education and Career

A Guide To German School Milan

International schools are the best choices for a multicultural, inclusive educational environment for children. They are especially beneficial for immigrant children who may struggle to adapt to the local-centric ecosystem in public schools. True, these schools are not cheap, but their facilities are on par with international standards. We’ve been...
CEO Advisory

How to Become a Millionaire by 30

Being a millionaire by 30? Sounds incredible? Well, it is certainly ambitious but not an impossible idea. In fact, there are so many examples of bright, young individuals who have managed to increase their net worth through smart practices and habits. And, if you’re serious about this goal, then you may...
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