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Top Countries Offering Citizenship By Naturalization

One of the common buzzwords used today is none other than naturalization. The term, mostly associated with citizenship, is slowly becoming the fastest way to acquire a dual passport. But what makes people readily opt for naturalization? Well, in simple terms, many nations across the globe are now offering residency status to investors and high-net-worth individuals. While the minimum period of officially living in the country largely depends on the state, some countries score higher in this arena. Let us find out their names and other procedures in detail.

  1. Argentina
    Argentina secures the top spot when it comes to offering citizenship by naturalization. The country offers a set of laws and requirements that an individual has to abide by to get permanent residency status. These include a minimum age gap of 18 years and older and applying for naturalization before a federal judge. Apart from these, one must also reside in the country for around two years before attaining permanent residency.
  2. USA
    The USA follows a slightly more complex process than Argentina regarding naturalization. Most people willing to apply for the same should first reside in the country for 3-5 years. Then there is, in total, a 10-step naturalization process which includes everything from determining your eligibility to becoming an American citizen, completing form N-400, and taking the US naturalization test, which is succeeded by an interview. Only after you have successfully cleared all the steps can you then become a legal citizen of the USA.
  3. Brazil
    In recent years, Brazil has speedily climbed up the charts when it comes to citizenship. The country provides many benefits to investors and students, making it a reliable choice for obtaining residency. However, before you can do so, immigrants must continuously live in this country for at least four years. Also, foreigners can apply for Brazilian nationality only if they have a clean criminal record and can communicate in Portuguese.
  4. Russia
    For all people planning to relocate to Russia, naturalization is the valid process through which you can do so. Foreign nationals can easily apply for citizenship through naturalization if they meet several criteria. These include residing in the country for at least five years, obtaining a valid permanent residence permit, agreeing to abide by the Russian constitution, and providing legal means and basic command over the Russian language. Only after all these criteria are met can investors attain a permanent residency status in the country.
  5. Sweden
    Sweden, as a country, is one of the world’s safest places to reside. The nation enjoys political prowess and a stable economy, making it a top investor choice. However, immigrants must meet a set of criteria before qualifying as Swedish citizens. These include having a minimum age limit of 18 years, providing identity proof, maintaining good conduct while living in the country for five years, and providing a residence permit and a residence card.
  6. Portugal
    The Portuguese permanent residency status is only available to residents after living in the country for five years. Apart from this, immigrants also need to have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language (proven with a certificate and test). Portugal does not accept people who have a criminal record. So, if you are interested in attaining permanent citizenship in the country, then make sure to have no punishable criminal evidence.
  7. Canada
    Canada has put forward a set of basic criteria for people who want to attain residency status. For starters, immigrants residing in the country shall live continuously for six years before applying for residency. Apart from this, immigrants shall also prove their knowledge of history and English at the B1 level and have no criminal record for obtaining citizenship.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top Countries Offering Citizenship By Naturalization
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