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Things To Know Before Sending Your Kid to St. Stephen’s School In Rome

Are you considering sending your child to an elementary school in Rome, but your woes are real because an ex-pat’s life is marked by experiences that can leave a long-term impact? And, you will be especially worried about your child because a school is a socio-cultural environment in itself. If the school addresses the differences and provides the right guidance, the child may be able to perform ably.

For many reasons, ex-pats send their young children to international schools. They understand that their children may not be as adept at adapting as they are and require nurturing to develop that temperament. There are plenty of such schools in Rome if you google it. But, I will draw your attention to one of the recurrent mentions in the search results–St. Stephen’s School.

Here is a small guide to the school.

  1. An overview
    Before we go through the specific details, it is nice to have an overview of the school. The school was founded in Athens in 1972 but under a different name. The Hellenic International School was established to provide access to English-medium education in Athens. After seven years, the school was rechristened to TASIS Hellenic International School under new ownership. During the next 20 years, it captured tremendous growth and amassed international recognition, such as accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
    In 1998, the ownership changed again, and the school assumed its current identity. Soon after, the school was granted the status of an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in 2000. In 2015, the kindergarten and the primary school were granted the IBO Primary Years Programme authorization.
  1. Location and Facilities
    Most international schools in Rome are located in Athens. The International School of Athens is situated in suburban Athens, Kifissia, a historic building, is the place of operations and features a brilliant range of facilities for children.
    When it comes to facilities, your child will find no dearth. The school comes with computer and science labs, a library, an art center, and a theatre. For the conduct of sports activities, there are courts for min-soccer, volleyball, open-air soccer, and basketball. A swimming pool is also within the premises. The kindergarten is housed in two villas with sprawling playgrounds.
  1. Academic programs: special reference to elementary school
    For starters, the school runs the following academic programs:
  • Melina’s Kindergarten
  • Primary school, which is the elementary school here
  • Middle School
  • High school

    The Primary Years Programme under the IB Organization (IBO) is implemented at the elementary school. Through this coursework, students are offered a well-balanced theoretical and practical curriculum. It encourages the growth of an inquisitive mindset for the upcoming Middle Years Programme.
    This is achieved through carefully selecting subjects of inquiry such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Coupled with these are several field trips. Specialist subjects such as Information Technology and Foreign Languages are also taught. Class sizes are kept modest to ensure substantial attention to all children. Children with special needs are accordingly instructed.

  1. Extracurricular activities
    For well-rounded development, extracurricular activities are carried out regularly. Children are engaged in numerous activities such as bonding trips that are conducted at the start of the academic year, multiple sports activities, elections to student councils, Radio Musical Broadcast, and Winter Show at the Bazaar.
    Summer programs are organized during breaks and include activities such as water sports, drama, and art. The school is well-known for its Saturday language program, which offers English lessons to children aged 3 to 17. This assists the non-English speaking population of the school to be able to learn and participate in the school’s activities more actively.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Things To Know Before Sending Your Kid to St. Stephen’s School In Rome
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