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7 Instagram Marketing Mistakes Every Budding Business Should Avoid

Instagram has been an instrumental tool in the growth of many businesses since its introduction. Instagram proudly has over 700 million active users and has become a highly rated social media network. This has been a vast leverage for marketers to reach out to audiences who can engage their posts and buy their products or patronize their services. 

To use Instagram as a marketing platform, business owners have to be tactical to get the best from it. However, there are some mistakes business owners make that may prevent them from getting the best juice from this fruitful platform. This article will review common Instagram marketing mistakes that budding businesses should avoid.

Instagram Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Using Incomplete Bio:
    Having an incomplete bio is equal to leaving most of the job undone. To get the best from your Instagram business account, you should have a proper bio that leads your audience to what you do and the service you offer. Having an incomplete bio means people who come across your profile will glance through it without knowing what you do. This doesn’t mean you should post a full-page biography on your bio (you wouldn’t even have the space for that).

    You should use the space given to you to attach links to your product or services. Let your bio include a link or call-to-action. Instagram offers the room to add a clickable link, and you should make use of that. You should learn more about Instagram Growth Service that would boost your audience.

  2. Copying A Competitor’s Strategy:
    Most Instagram business owners know how important it is to employ competitive intelligence. With competitive analysis, you get to know the kinds of content that prospective audiences like to see or engage in. You would also be able to highlight areas of opportunity.

    However, in a bid to leverage competitive analysis, some business marketers make the mistake of entirely copying or replicating another brand’s strategy. This is a terrible idea as it’d never make your brand hit the headways. The highest that would help you achieve is playing catch-up with another brand rather than leading the industry. Look into competitors` strategies, build on them, and develop something better that would set your blazing business trails.

  3. Making Your Instagram Business Account Private:
    This huge mistake must be avoided, especially for a budding business. The point of having an Instagram account for your business is to gain more followers and reach out to a wide range of audiences. It has to be readily accessible to the public. Usually, when users come across a private account, they often steer clear.

    Having a private profile also means they can’t see your content until they follow you, till you log in and approve their request. This essentially wards off followers away from your business page and would reduce your growth. Therefore, ensure that your Instagram business page is open and accessible.

  4. Slow Response to Followers:
    To achieve popularity, your interaction with your followers must be prompt. If you seek their help to grow your business, it’s also important that you serve them properly. Responding to followers slowly will reduce their trust in you and your brand.

    When a comment is dropped concerning your product or service, ensure to reply accordingly. Suggestions should be modestly responded to, and help should be rendered to whoever needs assistance or asks questions. There could be unique or delicate situations where you have to offer the option of communication through the mail. A good relationship between you and your audience would bring value to your brand and increase engagements on each of your posts.

  5. Absence Of Goal-Driven Strategy:
    To achieve anything, goals have to be set to accomplish the mission. This is the same while using Instagram marketing for your business. A lack of strategies would lead to futile attempts to grow your business through Instagram.

    You need to set goals that would influence and decide the method you would employ in achieving them. What’s the purpose behind setting up that Instagram business profile? Is it to drive more traffic to your website? Or to increase your brand awareness? Or is it mainly to have a community of customers where you can interact?

    Having a goal in mind would direct the strategies needed to achieve it. For example, suppose you aim to increase traffic on your landing page. In that case, the captions to your picture and video posts should be persuasive and must include a call-to-action option. If for brand awareness, you must invest in high-quality pictures and videos of your products and how to use them. As a budding business, don’t make the mistake of setting up an Instagram business profile without a goal in mind.

  6. Posting Repetitive Contents:
    While you’re trying to maintain consistency in posting content, you mustn’t post the same thing day in, day out. To utilize the Instagram market well, you need to create quality and exciting content for your audience from time to time. This way, they don’t get bored of repetitive posts.

    It’d also help them anticipate the following content you would subsequently bring to the table. Spamming your feeds with old content wouldn’t keep your audience engaged with your posts and would cause stagnancy in your fan base. Before you know it, you lose their audience.

  7. Replacing Quality for Quantity:
    Still, in a bid to keep appearing on the feed of their followers, some Instagram marketers make the mistake of posting content of low quality. Firstly, this is a bad reputation for your brand.

    You can’t get people to trust your products or the services you render when you feed them daily with low-quality images and videos. Take your time to give the best value to your audience. Don’t try to compromise the quality of your content just to bring something new up.

The Instagram market is an excellent platform to showcase your budding business. However, you have to pay attention to details and avoid mistakes that could push your potential customers away. The tips above will help you know what to avoid when drawing and implementing Instagram strategies.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - 7 Instagram Marketing Mistakes Every Budding Business Should Avoid
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