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John Hailer
CEO Spotlight

At Natixis, John Hailer led an industry-wide shift in investment portfolio construction

At Natixis, John Hailer spearheaded initiatives that supported a wider evolution of investment portfolio construction. Currently, he maintains commitment and belief in this strategy. Every investor knows the mantra of patience, long admonished to avoid trends and not follow the crowds. But then what? Having a long-term vision for your...
Future of Work

A prescription for employers in 2023

Employee satisfaction levels have generally been on the decline in recent years. Factors such as job insecurity, lack of opportunities for advancement, and inadequate compensation have been cited as contributing to this trend. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on employee satisfaction, with many workers reporting increased...
Elisa A. Schmitz
Critical thinking

The No. 1 Leadership Skill You Need Today Is Not What You May Think

Rollercoaster markets. Regulatory uncertainty. Supply chain challenges. Inflation pressures. Recession fears. Employee turnover. The Great Resignation. Quiet quitting. “Return to office” reluctance. Work-life balance. A few of the issues that are loading today’s business marketplace with chaos.  Add to the mix people’s personal challenges brought on by racism, ageism, sexism,...
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