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Banking and Finance

Resilience of Large ASEAN Economies Amid Market Fluctuations

A recent economic analysis by Qatar National Bank (QNB) reveals that major ASEAN economies exhibit robust resilience to abrupt shifts in risk sentiment and capital flows. The focus was on Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, examining their external vulnerabilities through their financing needs and foreign exchange (FX) reserves. Countries...
Success and Leadership

Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in 5 Countries: The Green Commodities Programme Phase III

Launched in 2010, the Green Commodities Programme (GCP) has been crucial in driving significant changes in sustainable agricultural production, with an emphasis on societal, economic, and environmental impact. Building on the success of the previous two phases, the renewed collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Swiss...
CEO Opinions

Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Shrinking Screens

The Big Question: Is the Entertainment Industry shifting towards individual, small-screen experiences, with freelancers turned entrepreneurs, navigating lockdowns and changing aesthetics in a turbulent industry? Are CEOs and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry undergoing VUCA conditions prepared to take this onslaught post-digital revolution is certainly a discussion. Overview  During the COVID-19...
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