Sophie Ireland

Sophie Ireland

SVP for News and Editorial Director. As CEOWORLD magazine's senior vice president for news and editorial director, Sophie Ireland oversees CEOWORLD magazine's journalism and journalists around the world and across platforms. She leads an award-winning team of journalists and newsroom executives who are committed to excellence, innovation and the highest quality reporting and storytelling. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or connect on LinkedIn. Email her at
Business Transformation

How to Reduce Risk in the Upcoming Business Year

For business owners, every new year has its own problems and risks involved. Yet, with the help of emergency management software and solutions, emergencies and health crises shouldn’t leave us unprepared. The following are some ways you can reduce risk in 2022 and prepare your business or healthcare organization in...
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Top 6 Richest Investment Bankers of all Time

Investment banking is one of several industries which have already captivated outstanding geniuses throughout the globe, and many of those who had already committed inside this sector has arisen with tremendous achievement. However, you need to understand how it requires a lot of effort to establish an image as strong...
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10 Most Expensive Cycles and Why

Like all other items, bicycles have also become synonymous with luxury in these recent years. From precious stone embellishments to attractive designs, there are tons of cycles that are considered a status symbol for their cost alone. So, let us take a look at some of the expensive two-wheelers and...
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