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Dutch Semiconductor Leaders from ASML Condemn U.S. Export Restrictions

Christophe Fouquet, the CEO of Dutch semiconductor giant ASML, along with his predecessor Peter Wennink, have expressed strong objections to U.S. limitations on ASML's chip-making equipment exports to China. In a recent interview, Fouquet emphasized that the automotive industry relies heavily on critical chips predominantly manufactured in China. He argued...
Helen Baker
CEO Insider

Separating AI hype from investment opportunity

Amidst the considerable hype around AI and its seemingly endless possibilities, the technology’s proponents and critics alike can be prone to embellishment – making the extent of its investment potential difficult to ascertain. ‘Revolutionising’. ‘Unbiased’. ‘Productivity gains’. ‘Impersonal’. ‘Unethical’. ‘Make humans obsolete’. All these and more have been attributed to...
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