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Marine Adventures That Are Safe And Worth Doing

Scuba Diving

Adventure does not exist only on land and air but underwater as well. There is a great deal of spectacular water-based activities that the world offers and from which you can fulfill your lust of adventure. A few of these adventurous activities are the following:-

Scuba Diving: If you are a spunky kind of person who loves underwater adventure, then scuba diving is a get-to-do act for you. This is a kind of underwater diving where the diver uses a scuba for breathing underwater. This one is pretty easy to learn. The diver needs to be engaged in only three basic skills- floating, kicking, and breathing. Barracuda Point (Malaysia) and Blue Corner Wall (Palau) are the best diving spots in the world.

Water Skiing: If speed thrills you and water excites you, then this must be added to your bucket list. The runners are pulled along the surface of the water by a motorboat (that moves at an average speed of 24 km/hour) while balancing on a pair of skis. This is indeed an astounding experience. This definitely requires practice and you just need to know how to balance. The United States bags away the tag of the maximum number of water skiers. Lake Michigan and Lake Havasu in the US are the sensational lakes for water skiing.

Water Skiing

Water Rafting: River rafting is one of its own kind of thrilling venture. It is a frisky outdoor activity that uses a blow-up raft to navigate the respective water body. Although it contains little risk if you follow the guidelines and precautionary measures, you are safe. Always hire some guide or instructor for your trip. For the best rafting experience, you’ll have to head to Colorado River, USA. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe and Rio Upano, Ecuador are also good options for the same.

Water Rafting

Canoeing: As the name suggests, the watercraft here is a canoe which is a single-bladed paddle. It is extensively used for pleasure in activities such as racing, touring, camping, and freestyle. It is not just a recreational activity but it has been introduced as a part of the competition in the Summer Olympics. Bowron Lakes (British Columbia), Florida (USA), and Georgia are the best places for your canoe trips all around the globe.


Kayaking: This will require you a kayak, a small and narrow boat kind of watercraft that sets in motion by a double-bladed paddle. In fact, now some kayaks have come up which are propelled with the help of small electric motors and gas engines. Well, it’s not as simple as it seems, kayaks are of several basic types. For fast-moving rivers, there are whitewater kayaks, for lakes and slow-moving rivers, you need to use Touring and Recreation kayaks and for oceans, there are Sea Kayaks. Sea of Cortez, Mexico and Vancouver Island serve the best Kayaking Trip around the world.


Parasailing: Parasailing, also known as parascending or parakiting is yet another recreational activity which is quite easy and least risky. Here, the person is tugged behind a vehicle (generally a car, truck or a boat) while attached to a parachute-like canopy wing. This one is thrilling yet safe. Bali (Indonesia), Cape Town (South Africa), Goa (India), and Hawaii (USA) are the best places for parasailing in the world.

Snorkeling: It is an art of swimming in a water body with the diving mask, swim fins, and a breathing tube (this is known as a snorkel). The good thing about it is that you need NOT know how to swim; you just need to be comfortable in the water. Someone who has never snorkeled before can also become a pro within a few minutes. The Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Maui (Hawaii, US) and Grenada (Caribbean) offer the best snorkeling in the world.


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