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Reasons Why You Should Choose To Study Abroad In Canada

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Justin Trudeau is at the helm of a country which offers some of the best higher education opportunities in the world. Canada, as you might have already guessed by now, is a vibrant, multi-cultural country which has transformed itself as a leader in delivering high-quality educational services to students coming from all over the world.

The aforementioned explanation is not sufficient to convey to you what there is in store for you if you ever decide to study in Canada. To give you a better and wider picture of why you should come to Canada, I have typed down 6 reasons which should most likely convince you into considering Canada as your next stop for higher education.

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With this, here are 6 reasons for studying in Canada:

  1. Topping the Charts: Canada is home to some of the well-known universities in the world. These universities have found a place in many top rankings and include the University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Calgary, the University of Montreal, McGill University and the University of British Columbia.

    Canadian universities have built a strong and well-connected network of alumni which includes Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes scholars. Some of these people include Rachel McAdams, Donald Sutherland, and Roberta Bondar. These people are examples which show that Canadian universities are best at what they do.

  2. Affordable education: I would not say that Canadian universities are necessarily cheap, but they are not as expensive as American and European universities which often cost you a fortune unless you are on scholarship.

    It may cost more to an International student than to a domestic student in Canadian universities, but the amount is still doable. In addition to this, Canadian housing facilities are affordable in comparison to what other more famous destinations for higher education offer.

    So, if you want to study in a developed country and not shell out your entire fortune, then you should most certainly consider Canada.

  3. Study In a Safe Environment: One of the many things which students consider when moving out of their country for higher education is safety. In Canada, that criterion is exemplarily fulfilled.

    Canada has been consistently found among top places in various lists of the safest countries in the world. Recently, in 2019, it was among the top 20 safest countries in the world. In 2016, the Institute for Economics and Peace placed Canada as the 8th safest country in the world.

    If you study here, you are guaranteed a healthy and protective environment so that you can thrive with others as a community.

  4. Work opportunities: Another thing any student would usually consider before moving to a foreign destination for education is the presence of work opportunities—good work opportunities. Canada is one of the biggest and most developed economies in the world as a result of which it offers plentiful work opportunities to those within its territory.

    Canada has a low unemployment rate. Moreover, the Canadian government runs many immigration and scholarship programs for international students which enable them to secure post-graduation work opportunities. It is, however, easier for those who become permanent residents of Canada to find employment but that should not let you question the Canadian job market.

  5. Enriching Culture: Canada is loved by most because of many reasons. One of the reasons is its capability to embrace people from all backgrounds and integrate them into the bigger Canadian society. You can come from any part of the world and the Canadian society will hug you like you are its own.
    You might end up finding a home away from home!
  6. Quality Student Life: It is not only affordability that counts as a factor for quality student life. There are many other things to consider such as diversification of student population in the region, perception of employers towards college students and graduates, the potential of the job market to absorb fresh graduates, and others.

Canada has its cities been consistently ranked among the top for offering quality student life. These cities are Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto which incidentally house many reputed universities in the country. Moreover, the rights of students are very seriously considered and protected in Canada so this empowers students to engage in the community actively.

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