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Jason Richmond

Jason Richmond

Jason Richmond is an authoritative culture change strategist whose work over the past twenty-plus years has helped companies build strong, sustained revenue growth by empowering their employees and developing energizing office cultures.

As President/CEO and Chief Culture Officer for Ideal Outcomes, Inc., he has designed and implemented Leadership Development Journeys for Fortune 100 companies and he has guided numerous start-ups on the path to become noted industry leaders. He has also supplied thought leadership and innovative consulting services to a wide range of mid-size companies.

Author of two books Culture Spark: 5 Steps to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth and Culture Ignited: 5 Disciplines for Adaptive Leadership, and a member of Forbes Business Council, Jason is an in-demand keynote speaker who captivates audiences with his direct, refreshing, no-nonsense style.

In addition, he heads up a team of culture strategists and trainers whose learning course on the Udemy platform Foundations of a Strong Corporate Culture provides students with a framework for transformative culture change. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jason Richmond is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
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