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Affordable Online Courses For America, 2019

With every industry getting digitalized, providing cheaper and better products and services has become possible. The education sector is no exception with many universities, colleges, and websites offering free or affordable quality courses on various subjects.

Check out this compiled list of such courses which are inexpensive and enriching knowledgable courses online.

  1. LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning provides an array of in-depth courses online for free on LinkedIn Learning. Formerly known as, this website offers quality courses for affordable prices. All the courses are free for the first trial month and allow you free enrollment. Thousands of courses like data science, finance, technology, computer science, marketing are crafted and taught by prestigious colleges and universities. These courses are recognized and backed by LinkedIn, which makes adding skill sets and updating LinkedIn Profile easy. The ‘view offline’ feature allows you to access courses without an internet connection at any time and from anywhere.
  2. edX: edX provides its learners with the most relevant and enriching courses irrespective of the subjects and field of choice. They have enlisted courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley that deliver sessions on various topics like project management, data science, artificial intelligence, and even TOEFL preparation courses. The instructors teach basic foundational concepts with practical examples which make learning fun and easy. Most of the courses provide free lessons and materials, but certificates are provided for a certain fee.
  3. Coursera: Most of the programs on global university training partner ‘Coursera’ are free for some time. It allows you to enroll in the course of your liking for free, and if you like the course you can pay, if you don’t enjoy the course, you can have free access to content while it is available. Entry level any courses don’t require any prerequisites. All the courses on this platform are crafted with an increasing level of difficulty. What’s more, all the courses can be completed at your own pace without any time constraints.
  4. Udemy: Udemy has more than 90,000 courses enlisted on their website. These courses cover everything from baking tutorials, guitar classes to business management. Furthermore, these courses are conducted by industry experts who are working in their respective field for years. Courses and tutorials are regularly updated and curated for better results. Many of these courses are available for zero cost while others are available for very affordable prices.
  5. Microsoft: Microsoft provides affordable courses for hands-on learners. These courses revolve around technologies like mobile development, data science, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. These lectures are delivered by experts who explain concepts with practical and interactive examples. Introductory lessons teach how to configure essential tools and software. All the courses come with assignments and assessments which determine your understanding of the topics covered.
  6. Creative Live: Creative Live is a platform that explores and brings out your creativity in you. For free lessons, you can join their live and on-air sessions. You can visit their website for news and updates regarding upcoming courses and RSVP for free access. On this platform, you can learn from likes of Grammy winners, notable entrepreneurs and well-established writers, photographers, etc. You can engage with fellow students, influencers, professionals, and learn more about the new content, challenges, events in a related field. You can access live streaming 24/7 daily from anywhere for free and improve your craft.
  7. Skillshare: Skillshare offers more than 17,000 courses on its website. They provide an array of courses in various categories like film, writing, music, craft, business, technology, and much more for free. Yes, all these courses are accessible for free for the first two months.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Affordable Online Courses For America, 2019
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