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Packing Tips To Keep In Mind For Adventure Trekking

Adventure Trekking

Trekking is the common interest amongst adventure lovers. There are numerous places for trekking, both long as well as short, in every country. Your list doesn’t end at a rucksack, right?

If you are looking out for a trekking trip, then you shall consider certain points while backpacking so that you can get the best out of your trip. Here, we’ll cover some of the most important packing tips to keep in mind for adventure trekking.

  1. Choosing the correct footwear: What is pressurized the most in a trek is your feet. So, make sure the footwear you choose is the best for you in terms of quality, comfort, and protection. Brands like Quechua and Wildcraft have a wide variety of shoes that are made for rough terrains. Opt for waterproof shoes…!
  2. Don’t undervalue your socks: Apt shoes with not-so-apt socks will ruin your fun in your most awaited trip. So, don’t forget to keep them in good pairs. These need to be sweat absorbent as well as waterproof.
  3. The one for trek pants/trousers: A good pair of trek pants is essential for a comfortable trek. The pants you choose must be lightweight, breathable, quick dry, and at the same time, it should be snow resistant as well. Not too loose nor too tight, right?
  4. Skincare stuff: Even some of the cold places receive sharp sunrays causing sunburn and skin irritation. So why to harm your body while tripping? It’s better to keep products like sunscreen, face and body lotions, hand sanitizer, and lip balm.  Don’t forget your petroleum jelly which will help you stay hydrated in extreme cold.
  5. Layers are important: In cold temperature, wear 2-3 layers of t-shirts under your jacket. Your skin feels more warmth this way. This will shield your chest from the shivering cold waves. Thermal wears are compulsory while hiking in high altitudes. Go for ‘The North Star’ or Wildcraft jackets, they are tailored made for different altitudes and temperatures.
  6. An offline map is worthwhile: You must have the map of the place you’ve chosen for your trek so that you can trace your movements and update yourself with the places around your trek place. In this era of technology, everyone has GPS in their smartphones but you shall have either downloaded or hard copy of the map as an alternative just in case your phone runs out of network/battery.
  7. Swiss knife- a multi-purpose tool-kit: The Swiss knife is of utmost use during any trip and when it comes to trekking, you just can’t forget keeping it, as it is a small tool-kit that contains the things one generally requires in a trip.
  8. Torch: Torches are must-to-have especially when you are on a trek since there is no conformity of electricity and light at such places. If you get a bit late while returning, these torches are savage.
  9. First-aid kit: You need to have the first-aid kit not just at your place but also on your trips. When you go on a trek, it’s unlikely to get first-aid service or any nursing home, so in such cases, your personal first-aid kit will turn out to be an emancipator.
  10. Don’t forget your munching stuff: To kill your small pangs of hunger on a trek, your munching items, like dry fruits, energy bars, and similar stuff would be your life-saver. These are not just space-savers but are a wholesome bunch of nutrients and energy. You can even keep some in the pockets of your jackets and trek pants. Dark chocolates and nuts work well where oxygen is less, and you need lots of energy.
  11. Cameras to capture astonishing pictures: You trip for several days but its memories are stored in your heart forever. To cherish those memories whenever you want, you need to click as many pictures as you want. Keep your cameras, their batteries, and chargers for a ravishing trip. GoPro is the best action camera available in the market.
  12. Plastic bags: Nothing in this universe is more irritating than wet towel and wet clothes. To prevent your fresh clothes from getting wet, plastic bags are a good savior.
  13. Space-saver technique: While packing for your trip, rolling up your clothes, instead of folding, saves a lot of space in your bag. Lighter is the baggage, lesser is the burden, and more is the fun in your trip.
  14. Bring your own sources of entertainment: Trekking is fun but what bores is the time while in transit. So, don’t forget to bring something that keeps you indulged while relaxing at the same time. Laptops/tablets for movies/music/games and books can also be a good alternative.
  15. Miscellaneous: There are several other items which you shall not afford to forget, such as hiking pole (this will lessen the burden on your knees), power banks (must-to-have), caps/hats, sunglasses (as a shield to your eyes against cold waves and sunlight), water bottle (to hydrate yourself at regular intervals).

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Packing Tips To Keep In Mind For Adventure Trekking
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