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World’s Most Powerful Women For 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the list of CEOWORLD magazine’s Most Powerful Women In The World For 2018, primarily because of her control over the largest economy in Europe, and one of the main political players in the European Union. She has also been recognized as one of the “World’s 100 Most Powerful People” in a separate list by the CEOWORLD magazine.  During a gala night held in Brussels, CEOWORLD magazine unveiled the list of the world’s most powerful women for the year 2018 – top female leaders who are frontrunners in business and politics. The list features 98 renowned businesswoman, women heading government departments, and top female executives.

British prime minister, Theresa May, was named as the second most powerful woman in the world, followed by General Motors Co. CEO Mary Barra (3rd), Susanne Klatten, the richest woman in Germany (4th), Queen Elizabeth II (5th), and Walmart Heiress Alice Walton, comes in at number six.

World’s Most Powerful Women For 2018:

1Angela MerkelGermany
2Theresa MayUnited Kingdom
3Mary BarraUnited States
4Susanne KlattenGermany
5Queen Elizabeth IIUnited Kingdom
6Alice WaltonUnited States
7Melinda GatesUnited States
8Francoise Bettencourt MeyersFrance
9Laurene Powell JobsUnited States
10Abigail JohnsonUnited States
11Melania TrumpUnited States
12Christine LagardeFrance
13Marillyn HewsonUnited States
14Gina RinehartAustralia
15Ana Patricia BotínSpain
16Karen PritzkerUnited States
17Sheryl SandbergUnited States
18Ginni RomettyUnited States
19Angela AhrendtsUnited States
20Susan WojcickiUnited States
21Adena FriedmanUnited States
22Charlene de Carvalho-HeinekenNetherlands
23Ivanka TrumpUnited States
24Meg WhitmanUnited States
25Ruth PoratUnited States
26Debra CafaroUnited States
27Christy WaltonUnited States
28Ho ChingSingapore
29Sheikh Hasina WajedBangladesh
30Jacinda ArdernNew Zealand
31Phebe NovakovicUnited States
32Carrie PerrodoFrance
33Peng LiyuanChina
34Isabelle KocherFrance
35Kolinda Grabar-KitarovicCroatia
36Savitri JindalIndia
37Anna WintourUnited States
38Mary Callahan ErdoesUnited States
39Roshni Nadar MalhotraIndia
40Dana WaldenUnited States
41Ann Walton KroenkeUnited States
42Melanie KreisGermany
43Dalia GrybauskaiteLithuania
44Amy HoodUnited States
45Kiran Mazumdar-ShawIndia
46Marijke MarsUnited States
47Kersti KaljulaidEstonia
48Judy FaulknerUnited States
49Elizabeth WarrenUnited States
50Pamela MarsUnited States
51Emma WalmsleyUnited Kingdom
52Miuccia PradaItaly
53Valerie MarsUnited States
54Victoria MarsUnited States
55Margarita Louis DreyfusSwitzerland
56Shobhana BhartiaIndia
57Sandra Ortega MeraSpain
58Priscilla ChanUnited States
59Nancy Walton LaurieUnited States
60Katharine RaynerUnited States
61Geisha WilliamsUnited States
62Margaretta TaylorUnited States
63Shari ArisonIsrael
64Gwynne ShotwellUnited States
65Oprah WinfreyUnited States
66Beata Maria SzydloPoland
67Nancy PelosiUnited States
68Kamala HarrisUnited States
69J.K. RowlingUnited Kingdom
70Aung San Suu KyiMyanmar
71Lynn GoodUnited States
72Arianna HuffingtonUnited States
73Isabel dos SantosAngola
74Elvira NabiullinaRussia
75Sarah Huckabee SandersUnited States
76Katrin JakobsdottirIceland
77Gail Koziara BoudreauxUnited States
78Cathy Engelbert (Deloitte)United States
79Pamela M. Nicholson (Enterprise Holdings, Inc)United States
80Kathy Warden (Northrop Grumman)United States
81Anne Finucane (Banker)United States
82Leanne Caret (Boeing)United States
83Kathryn V. Marinello (Hertz Corporation)United States
84Julie Sweet (Accenture)United States
85Michele Buck (Hershey Company)United States
86Mary Dillon (Ulta Beauty Inc)United States
87Marianne Lake (JPMorgan Chase)United States
88Helena Foulkes(Hudson's Bay Company)United States
89Deanna M. Mulligan (Guardian Life)United States
90Heather Bresch (Mylan)United States
91Kathleen Murphy (Fidelity Investments )United States
92Vicki Hollub (Occidental Petroleum)United States
93Rosalind G. Brewer (Starbucks)United States
94Lisa Davis (Siemens Corporation)Germany
95Tricia Griffith (Progressive Corporation)United States
96Judith McKenna (Walmart)United Kingdom
97Karen S. Lynch (Aetna Inc)United States
98Safra Catz (Oracle)United States


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