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How To Plan Corporate Business Travel

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Corporate business travel can cause a lot of stress, especially for c-suite executives. For that reason, CEOs like yourself can use all of the assistance they can get for planning business trips. After all, you have a ton of other tasks to complete on a daily basis. Between motivating employees and reviewing policies that directly impact the company’s operations, you do not have much extra time on your hands. Avoid wasting your precious time by reading this post to learn how to plan corporate business travel at the executive level.

Set A Realistic Budget

Another necessary step to take is to set a realistic budget for your corporate business travel. Take all factors including flight tickets, lodging and transportation into account. Then, set a separate budget for other business expenses like food and drinks. After all, your executive team will likely dine together before and after meetings and conferences. Use the length of your stay to determine your budgets.

Give your assistants your ideal plans and instruct them to calculate a total realistic budget based on the average flight, lodging, transportation and dining costs in the area of the conference. That way, you will succeed in planning a corporate business trip.

Buy Airfare Tickets In Advance

One of the main focus points of planning corporate business travel is purchasing airfare tickets. When CEOs wait too long to book their plane tickets, they end up increasing their stress levels. They have to stop working on their daily tasks to try to find quality seats for themselves and other employees.

If you buy your airfare tickets as soon as you find out a conference date, you can save yourself a lot of anxiety before leaving for your trip. Moreover, you can save money on travel and book better seats for your executive team. Start planning your next corporate business trip by reserving your airplane seats.

Book Your Stay Early

After you get your airfare situation in order for your corporate business travel, book your stay. Successful CEOs look into lodging options in their conference’s area early on in the planning process. That way, they find the best prices and options that provide enough space for their executive teams.

Ensure that you book enough hotel rooms for your entire team. Moreover, find a hotel that offers the necessary features for business travel including Wi-Fi and late check-in. Book your stay early to avoid having to stay far away from the conference. You want to keep your travel times as short as possible to ensure that your executive team is highly energized and ready to make a lasting impression on the other conference attendees. With this being said, this is a crucial step in planning corporate business travel.

Establish Back-Up Plans

Furthermore, include back-up plans in your corporate travel management strategy. Unfortunately, even executive teams run into obstacles during business trips. Common issues such as flight delays force executive teams to revise their travel plans. In addition, positive occurrences also alter business travel plans.

For instance, if you and your executive team set a deal in motion while at a business meeting overseas, you might have to stay an extra night or two to finalize it. If you have an assistant, instruct them to handle surprise itinerary changes for you. Then, you can remain focused on the business you are conducting during your corporate business travel.

Ship Large Items

Lastly, ship any large items that you need for your conference. Many executive teams use various props for their presentations at conventions. If you plan to use large and/or heavy materials in your ventures, send them out before your departure date.

Those who forget or do not have their materials prepared in time can always send their props via next-day air services. However, this comes at an additional cost to many of the best cities for business travel, so try to plan this ahead of time. Have them delivered to your hotel or conference location. You can also send them to the local post office in the area and pick them up yourself. If you ship your large items, you do not have to worry about carrying them around the airport. Keep them safe by adding this step to your corporate business travel plan.

As a CEO, you have enough on your plate. Avoid adding to it by planning your corporate business travel quickly and efficiently. Set a realistic budget by having your assistant research the average costs in the area. To do so, buy your plane tickets ahead of time to get the best seats for the lowest price.

Book your stay in advance as well and ensure that it is close to the conference location. Ask your assistant to help you establish back up plans should obstacles throw you off of your plan. Finally, ship any large items that you need for the conference ahead of time. Follow these steps to plan corporate business travel at the executive level.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - How To Plan Corporate Business Travel
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