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Peter Kingma

Peter Kingma

Peter Kingma, author of CASH IS KING, is the Americas Working Capital Leader for EY Parthenon. Working across a variety of sectors including automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare, retail, and consumer products, he advises business leaders on how to optimize the management of cash. His work has led to well over 25 billion dollars of value creation for his clients.

Kingma is a regular contributor to leading business publications and podcasts, often speaking at industry events about his areas of expertise. His clients bring him in to lead planning sessions, consult with management teams, and present to their boards of directors. Kingma who has a degree in economics from Purdue University, lives in Chicago and Columbia, Missouri.

Peter Kingma is an Executive Council member at the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn, for more information, visit the author’s website CLICK HERE.
Peter Kingma
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