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Most Difficult Trek In The World

Trek or Trekking is an enjoyable walking experience, where you can take multi-day expeditions while enjoying scenes of rural areas, rugged hills and areas, valleys and forts.

Some of the most difficult trek in the world:

Bandiagara Cliffs (Dogon Country), Mali

Land of Dogan people is one of Africa’s most fascinating areas. A trek here can stay anywhere between two and 10 days, and with older abandoned cliff dwellings, Bandiagara takes place in the growing rocks of the escarpment. Dogon is the rocks of villages and the journey is an extraordinary attraction. Dogon is known for his masked stilt dancers, complexly carved doors and Pueblo-like residence on the edge of the house.

Indian Himalayas, India

There are fewer folk treks on the Indian side of the world’s largest mountain range. From Spiti to Ladakh, hardcore hikers can try to shake the mountain for 24 days. The bleak high-altitude desert terrain inspired Rudyard Kipling to exclaim, ‘Surely the gods live here; this is no place for men’

Inca Trail, Peru

This 33-kilometer (20-mile) ancient trail was laid by the Incas and currently has thousands of people crossing each year. The path from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu passes through the mountains from above and below, passing through three Qualcomm on the way. The scenery of the White Mountains and the High Cloud Forest combines the magic of walking from the ruins of a cliff to the next – understandably the most famous trail in South America.

The Narrows, USA

In the dramatic canyon of the Virgin River for centuries, after 26 km (16 miles), the Narrows of Zion National Park is a unique trek. This road is a river, with more than half of the hiking wading and sometimes swimming. Trekking can be done in one day, but some choose to take a more leisurely pace in the sky garden and natural spring water – spend one night in the park’s 12 camps.

Baltoro Glacier & K2, Pakistan

This ice corridor leads to a huge peak of K2 (8,611 meters, 28,251 feet), the second highest in the world. This is an unparalleled trek through the most humble scene on the planet. What began to follow the icy rivers boldly heading to the glacier’s internal organs, then to the granite Pyramid Mountains, including Paiju (6,610 meters, 21,686 feet), Uli Biaho (6,417 meters, 21,053 feet), Great Trango Tower (6,286 meters, 20,623 feet) It is K2. If you are not disappointed in 15 days, you can go to more glaciers covered by hail.

Overland Track, Australia

The prehistoric wilderness of Tasmania is most easily carried out on land tracks of 80 km (50 m, 5-6 days). Along the path between Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair (Australia’s deepest natural freshwater lake), the clear path (part of the boardwalk) passes through rugged mountains, beautiful lakes, vast forests and swamps. Those who want more can walk along waterfalls, valleys and more peaks, including Mt Ossa (1,617 m, 5,305 feet) – the highest peak in Tassie.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

This three-week hike reached a height of 5,545 meters (18,193 feet) at Kala Pattar and was very popular with people who wanted to say “I have been to the highest peak in the world.” The difficult trek through the undeniable spectacular scenery and sold by the Sherpa people in Solu Khumbu. The height reached during this hike is actually dizzying until you adjust to the altitude and there is definitely ups and downs in the valley.

GR20, France

This request for a 15-day (168 km, 104 km) trek through Corsica is known for its landscape diversity. There are forests, granite lunar landscapes, sea breeze craters, glacial lakes, flash floods, peat swamps, maquis, snow-capped peaks, plains and neves (ice blocks formed by snow). But it’s not easy: the path is rocky, sometimes steep, including rickety bridges and slippery rock faces – all of which are part of the fun. The GR20 was founded in 1972 to connect Calenzana, in Balagne with Conca in the north of Porto Vecchio.

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