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Common Myths About Print Marketing

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Print marketing is everywhere. From our homes to bars and clubs, from offices to the shops, it’s all there trying to pass a word. With digital media and marketing becoming more popular, a few myths have come up. It’s normal to find people with their own opinions, but some might feed you with wrong information. For print marketing, there are some myths that have been mentioned and are far from the truth. Here are a few common myths about print marketing that you might have heard in the past.

  1. Printing is not Good for the Environment
    On the contrary, it’s good. Digital printers carry environmental issues with utmost concern. Anything that can be recycled is kept around for later use or reused immediately.
    The paper used comes from sustainable forests. The biggest advantage of digital print is that there is set quantity, meaning you never have to print more than what is required.
  2. It’s Ineffective
    Most people think that print marketing is old and ineffective in this digital era. The truth is that the industry is still thriving and customers are responding positively. In fact, most people prefer printed mail announcements over email announcements.
    As a business owner, you should know there is so much content on the internet to distract the audience from your ads. In direct mail marketing, the competition is small, and there are higher chances of the audience viewing your ads.
  3. There are Limited Options
    Many people make the mistake of being over creative in their marketing materials to add more features. It’s hard to get attention if your collateral isn’t good enough.  You are not restricted to any design, and it all depends on the printer. There are over 15 million combinations to use.
    For instance, die-cutting allows you to alter your media’s shape so that you can also create business cards the shape of your product. Being able to make different designs creates a stronger connection with your audience. In other words, there are many options with print marketing. You can have your company’s portfolio printed in spiral bound book and distribute in trade shows.
  4. Print Marketing is Impossible to Personalize
    A lot of people believe that direct mail and print marketing stopped the moment someone discovered how to print different names on an envelope.
    Contrary to that, with the availability of variable data printing, you are able to customize every single aspect of your message from an envelope to content for every demographic or customer you want to be targeted.
  5. It’s Outdated
    You may have come across a myth that print marketing is outdated. The thought seems to be that print is taking the back seat and digital is the new form. What some people don’t know is that print has been here for a long time.
    It is more than the ink on the paper. Today, you can also print on foamex, vinyl, or PVC.
  6. Printing is Expensive
    It’s expensive until you try it and find out that it’s very affordable compared to what you get. Digital printers supply the finest quality print but at a price that won’t make you break a bank.
    Besides, the print campaign is less costly compared to an PPC campaign.
  7. Your Ad Must Have Fewer Words and More White Space
    This is one of the biggest mistakes people make with their ad campaign. You shouldn’t expect a high response if you don’t give your audience the reasons to.
    That means you have to have enough copy.
  8. Small Businesses can’t Afford Print
    With the offered price on stickers, leaflets and brochures, small business owners would never want such an opportunity to go away.

In short, the prices are ground low.

Most customers prefer print marketing, and they could never be wrong. It’s something you should consider too, but always get the facts right.

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