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Taiwan’s Rich List 2018: Richest Taiwanese Billionaires

With a net worth $7.3 billion, Hon Hai Precision Industry founder Terry Go has been named the wealthiest businessman in Taiwan, according to the CEOWORLD magazine’s Taiwan Rich List 2018.  It was a volatile year for the Taiwan 50 richest: only 37 of Taiwan’s 50 wealthiest people are billionaires —- Lin Chang Su-O (ranked: 22nd, net worth $1.78 billion) – widow of real estate mogul Lin Rong San of Union Enterprise Construction and Shirley Kao of Uni-President (ranked: 40th, net worth $970 million) are the only 2 women on the list of the nation’s wealthiest people.

To identify the richest people in Taiwan, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed a wealth of sources, including news sites Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wealth-X — to find those with the highest to-date net worth. The top five Taiwanese richest tycoons were: Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou (net worth $7.3 billion); Wei family brothers (Ing-chou, Ying-chiao, Yin-chun and Yin-heng) of Tingyi, one of mainland China’s largest beverage-and-noodle makers (net worth $7.2 billion); Tsai Hong-tu and Cheng-ta of Cathay Financial Holding (net worth US$7.1 billion); Daniel Tsai & Richard Tsai of Fubon Financial Holding (net worth US$5.7 billion); and Tsai Eng-meng of snack food company Want Want China (net worth US$5.6 billion).

Lin Shu-Hong (net worth $3.9 billion), a cofounder of petrochemicals-and-plastics giant Chang Chun Group ranked No. 6 on the list.

Taiwan’s Rich List 2018: Wealthiest People In Taiwan

RankNameTotal Net WorthSource
1Terry Gou$7.3 Belectronics
2Wei Ing-chou, Ying-chiao, Yin-chun & Yin-heng$7.2 Bfood
3Tsai Hong-tu & Cheng-ta$7.1 Bfinance
4Daniel & Richard Tsai$5.7 Bfinance
5Tsai Eng-Meng$5.6 Bfood, beverages
6Lin Shu-Hong$3.9 Bpetrochemicals
7Barry Lam$3.6 Belectronics
8Jason & Richard Chang$3.2 Bsemiconductors
9Pierre Chen$3.1 Belectronics
10Luo Jye$2.9 Btires
11Tseng Cheng & Tseng Sing-ai$2.8 Bpetrochemicals
12Samuel Yin$2.6 Bretail
13T.Y. Tsai$2.15 Bfinance
14Lin Ming-hsiung$2.1 Bsupermarkets
15Scott Lin$2.07 Boptical components
16Chen Tei-Fu$2.05 Bherbal products retailer
17Chen Yung-Tai$2 Breal estate
18Rudy Ma$1.9 Bfinance
19Lin Chen-hai$1.89 Breal estate
20Wang Chou-hsiong$1.88 Bfootwear
21Chin Jong Hwa$1.8 Bauto parts
22Lin Chang Su-O$1.78 Bproperty
23Shi Wen-long$1.65 Bplastics
24Douglas Hsu$1.64 Bdiversified
25Tony Chen$1.63 Belectronics
26William & Wilfred Wang$1.54 Bplastics
27Allen & Tien-Szu Hung Horng$1.5 Belectronics
28Andre Koo, Sr., Sr.$1.44 Bfinancial services
29Wang Ren-sheng$1.4 Bretail
30Chao Teng-hsiung$1.38 Breal estate
31Thomas Wu$1.36 Bfinance
32Archie Hwang$1.33 Bsemiconductors
33K.C. Liu$1.27 Bmanufacturing
34Tsai Chi-Jui$1.1 Bshoes
35Eugene Wu$1.07 Bfinance
36Morris Chang$1.06 Bsemiconductors
37Bruce Cheng$1 Belectronics
38Wu Chung-yi$990 Mmanufacturing
39Yeh Min-Yuen$980 Mcybersecurity
40Shirley Kao$970 Mfood & beverage retailing
41Lee Tien-tsai$770 Mbeverages
42Ter-Fung Tsao$760 Mfood
43Tsai Ming-Kai$720 Msemiconductors
44Ho Kuang-chi$670 MRestaurants
45Chen Wu-kang$600 Mskin care & household products
46Liao Long-shing$580 Mpetrochemicals
47Wu Li-gann$570 Melectronic components
48Tsai Yung-lung$550 Mscrews, bolts
49Kenneth Yen$540 Mautos
50Huang Chung Sheng$530 Mrecycling



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Emma London

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