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Why Hiring the Right Person Is so Important – and How to Do It Successfully


For every business out there, there are a lot of factors that determine whether a venture will succeed or fail. These include having a brilliant concept, being thorough in its implementation, and anticipating market fluctuation, as well as marketing it properly to clients.

But the importance of hiring the right people for the job cannot be stressed enough. Hiring an employee is almost always a gamble, as they can either prove a tremendous asset for an organization or slow both the company and their fellow employees down if they are not a good match.

How to ensure that you have hired the right person

In an increasingly globalized digital world, organizations all across the world are finding that there is a lot more to the equation of making a hiring decision that initially meets the eye. Diversity is a top concern for businesses of all types and sizes, especially those that need to liaise with clients abroad.

Every company must also set its own priorities, taking into account how it operates in practice – for those focused more on training and in-house growth, hiring people who think outside the box might be more important than companies that need to adhere to strict regulatory requirements. For the latter category, employing people with several years of experience might prove more important in the effort to minimize the potential for error.

As Forbes reports, more and more companies find it difficult to spot the right candidate for the job – in fact, over 8 in 10 business leaders state that it is more difficult to hire the right candidate now than it was five years ago.

This might have something to do with the priorities that hiring managers set. According to the same source, 62% of respondents have stated that they consider technical skills and relevant experience as the top factors when hiring someone, even though 87% reveal that the best employees are those who were hired in order to be a good cultural fit and showed a lot of promise during the hiring phase. This means that more often than not, it is not about getting the right answers from a candidate, but rather asking the right questions. Evaluate what is important for you in a potential employee and do not be afraid to go for someone who seems aligned with your values and goals instead of the most experienced candidate. This will set the tone for an employee who is happy and values their work, which will make an impact on how eager they are to give 100% to their job. Finally, do not hesitate to hire people who seem to be a great fit and invest in training to make sure they have the skills you need – the end result will surely be worth the investment.

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Pay attention to finance and cybersecurity

When it comes to getting the right people on board, there are some sectors where it is most crucial for every company to have employees that combine the proper experience, skills, and mentality. In the face of constant hacker attacks, cybersecurity has risen to the forefront as one such field. Many companies invest heavily – and rightly so – in cutting-edge tech and cybersecurity tools to fend off cybercriminals.

But while an anti-virus can prevent against lower level attack vectors and a web application firewall protects on-premises and cloud-based applications against OWASP top-10 attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, investing in IT experts is equally important. While having protection measures in place will help protect against hackers, a robust IT team will be able not only to design a comprehensive cybersecurity policy, but also to mitigate the consequences of a data breach. In this context, IT cybersecurity professionals must be experienced, flexible, and able to understand the needs of the organization in order to prioritize security properly.

In this context, information is also increasingly important for companies across a range of industries – most notably startups or those engaged in constantly evolving markets like trading. Businesses are now faced with the double challenge of understanding which positions need to be created within your organization in order to make the most use out of available information, like data mining, and making sure that you staff them with the right people.

Correctly analyzing information will allow you not only to stand out amongst the competition and expand in new markets, but also improve your performance in a variety of ways. One of the most critical aspects is being able to attract and retain clients. In this context, it will also help in retaining talented employees – which as research indicates is considered an increasing challenge by 83% of employers when it comes to hiring. Finally, finance is also traditionally a sector that businesses aim to staff with top-notch professionals. Managing a company’s finances is as much of a challenge as it is an opportunity for growth.

Identifying ways to maximize profits and cutting back on unnecessary costs is a valuable skill for anyone hired in the finance department, while making sure that the company adheres to tax and regulatory requirements can truly make or break a business.

Hiring the right employees has never been more pressing – and businesses need to be honest in determining their needs and make bold choices in order to safeguard that they have found the best candidate across the pack.

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