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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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China Rich List For 2018: Richest Chinese Billionaires

The CEOWORLD magazine has published its much-anticipated “China Rich List For 2018,” which ranks the wealthiest people in China, as well as in India, and the rest of the world. With an estimated wealth of $37.9 billion, Jack Ma, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Chinese internet giant Alibaba, tops the CEOWORLD magazine’s China Rich List for 2018.

Hui Ka Yan, chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group is second on the list with $37.7 billion. Tencent Holdings Ltd’s Pony Ma holds the third spot with a net worth of $36.3 billion, followed by Wang Jianlin, founder of Wanda; Yang Huiyan, and He Xiangjian.

Wang Wei, Lei Jun, William Ding, and Zhang Zhidong (Tony Zhang), rounded up the top ten wealthiest people in China with $16.2 billion billion, $15.1 billion, $13 billion, and $12.8 billion respectively.

Richest people in China: CEOWORLD magazine’s top 300 Chinese billionaires of 2018

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RankNameTotal net worth
1Jack Ma$37.9 billion
2Hui Ka Yan$37.7 billion
3Pony Ma$36.3 billion
4Wang Jianlin$28.3 billion
5Yang Huiyan$21 billion
6He Xiangjian$17.5 billion
7Wang Wei$16.2 billion
8Lei Jun$15.1 billion
9William Ding$13 billion
10Zhang Zhidong (Tony Zhang)$12.8 billion
11Li Shufu$12.7 billion
12Robin Li$12 billion
13Xu Shihui$9.6 billion
14Pang Kang$9.2 billion
15Zong Qinghou$8.8 billion
16Wang Wenyin$8.6 billion
17Wu Yajun$8 billion
18Ma Jianrong$7.9 billion
19Fan Hongwei$7.9 billion
20Guo Guangchang$7.8 billion
21Zhang Jindong$7.70 billion
22Sun Piaoyang$7.70 billion
23Yao Zhenhua$7.60 billion
24Yan Zhi$6.60 billion
25Liu Yongxing$6.20 billion
26Liu Qiangdong$6.20 billion
27Jiang Rensheng$6 billion
28Wang Xing$6 billion
29Zhou Hongyi$6 billion
30Pan Zhengmin$5.70 billion
31Kei Hoi Pang$5.50 billion
32Li Shuirong$5.10 billion
33Che Jianxing$5 billion
34Cai Kui$4.90 billion
35Nie Tengyun$4.80 billion
36Ji Changqun$4.80 billion
37Chen Bang$4.80 billion
38Zhang Bangxin$4.80 billion
39Jason Jiang$4.70 billion
40Zhang Shiping$4.60 billion
41Xu Jingren$4.60 billion
42Wang Yusuo$4.40 billion
43Zhou Jianping$4.30 billion
44Chan Laiwa$4.20 billion
45Liang Wengen$4.20 billion
46Wang Chuanfu$4.20 billion
47Wei Jianjun$4.20 billion
48Tse Ping$4.10 billion
49Liu Yonghao$4.10 billion
50Yao Liangsong$4.10 billion
51Li Ge$4.10 billion
52Qiu Guanghe$4.10 billion
53Fang Wei$4.10 billion
54Zhang Yiming$4 billion
55Chen Dongsheng$3.90 billion
56Huang Rulun$3.90 billion
57Lu Zhiqiang$3.80 billion
58Zhang Hongwei$3.80 billion
59Wang Wenxue$3.80 billion
60Shen Yuxing$3.70 billion
61Zhou Xiaoguang$3.60 billion
62Melissa Ma$3.50 billion
63Yu Yong$3.50 billion
64Cao Longxiang$3.50 billion
65Lai Meisong$3.50 billion
66Zhang Jin$3.50 billion
67Yu Huijiao$3.50 billion
68Zhang Xin$3.40 billion
69Chu Mang Yee$3.40 billion
70Xu Chuanhua$3.20 billion
71Zhang Li$3.20 billion
72Frank Wang$3.20 billion
73Cai Dongchen$3.20 billion
74Ji Qi$3.10 billion
75Qin Yinglin$3.10 billion
76Sun Guangxin$3.10 billion
77Luo Liguo$3.10 billion
78Li Zhongchu$3.10 billion
79Ding Shizhong$3 billion
80Cheng Xue$3 billion
81Wang Zhenhua$3 billion
82Fu Liquan$3 billion
83Ding Shijia$3 billion
84Li Gaiteng$3 billion
85Simon Xie$3 billion
86Wu Zhigang$2.90 billion
87Zhang Wenzhong$2.90 billion
88Feng Hailiang$2.90 billion
89Liu Zhongtian$2.90 billion
90Li Li$2.80 billion
91Liang Xinjun$2.80 billion
92Lin Xiucheng$2.80 billion
93Huang Shilin$2.80 billion
94Ma Xiuhui$2.80 billion
95Wang Wenjing$2.70 billion
96Zhang Xuexin$2.70 billion
97Cheng Cheung Ling$2.70 billion
98Zhang Fan$2.70 billion
99Ma Xingtian$2.60 billion
100Sze Man Book$2.60 billion
101Hui Lin Chit$2.60 billion
102Zuo Hui$2.60 billion
103Ke Zunhong$2.50 billion
104Jiang Weiping$2.50 billion
105Geng Jianming$2.50 billion
106Pan Weiming$2.50 billion
107Hu Kaijun$2.30 billion
108Tong Jinquan$2.30 billion
109Dong Wei$2.30 billion
110Qi Shi$2.30 billion
111An Kang$2.20 billion
112Wang Laichun$2.20 billion
113Wang Laisheng$2.20 billion
114Song Zuowen$2.20 billion
115Lin Li$2.20 billion
116Chen Hua$2.20 billion
117Huang Zhenda$2.10 billion
118Shen Wenrong$2.10 billion
119Lu Xiangyang$2.10 billion
120Chen Xueli$2.10 billion
121Yu Minhong$2.10 billion
122Liu Ming Hui$2.10 billion
123Liang Yunchao$2.10 billion
124Du Weimin$2.10 billion
125Lu Weiding$2.10 billion
126Wang Liping$2.10 billion
127Zhang Xuansong$2 billion
128Zhang Xiugen$2 billion
129Wu Yulan$2 billion
130Shen Guojun$2 billion
131Chen Jinxia$2 billion
132Xue Xiangdong$2 billion
133Chen Jianhua$2 billion
134Zeng Fangqin$2 billion
135Jiang Bin$1.90 billion
136Mao Lixiang$1.90 billion
137Gu Yuhua$1.90 billion
138Li Xiting$1.90 billion
139Wang Wenbiao$1.90 billion
140Lam Kong$1.90 billion
141Cui Genliang$1.90 billion
142Ke Xiping$1.90 billion
143Miao Shouliang$1.80 billion
144Li Liufa$1.80 billion
145Huang Wei$1.80 billion
146Xie Zhikun$1.80 billion
147Jiang Yehua$1.80 billion
148Wang Qingtao$1.70 billion
149Zheng Yuewen$1.70 billion
150Kong Jian Min$1.70 billion
151Wang Yanqing$1.70 billion
152Du Jiangtao$1.70 billion
153Zhu Xingliang$1.70 billion
154Zhu Gongshan$1.70 billion
155Sun Shoukuan$1.70 billion
156Wang Xicheng$1.70 billion
157Su Suyu$1.70 billion
158Zhu Baoguo$1.60 billion
159Yao Kuizhang$1.60 billion
160Wong Luen Hei$1.60 billion
161Qiu Jianping$1.60 billion
162Wang Changtian$1.60 billion
163Huang Qiaoling$1.60 billion
164He Qiaonv$1.60 billion
165Ou Zongrong$1.60 billion
166Xu Hang$1.60 billion
167Lam Lung ON$1.60 billion
168Xiao Yongming$1.60 billion
169Ren Jianhua$1.60 billion
170Wang Chaobin$1.60 billion
171Hu Baifan$1.60 billion
172Lin Fanlian$1.60 billion
173Liu Gexin$1.60 billion
174Chen Fashu$1.60 billion
175Nan Cunhui$1.60 billion
176Lei Jufang$1.60 billion
177Cheung Yan$1.60 billion
178Huo Qinghua$1.50 billion
179Li Hongxin$1.50 billion
180Yang Erzhu$1.50 billion
181Liang Jiankun$1.50 billion
182Li Guoqiang$1.50 billion
183Li San Yim$1.50 billion
184Zhang Tao$1.50 billion
185Chen Liying$1.50 billion
186Ruan Shuilong$1.50 billion
187Zhou Chengjian$1.50 billion
188Shum Chiu Hung$1.50 billion
189Zhang Xiaojuan$1.50 billion
190Wu Shaoxun$1.50 billion
191Lee Yin$1.50 billion
192Li Yihai$1.50 billion
193Wong Kwong Yu$1.40 billion
194Dou Zhenggang$1.40 billion
195Zhang Daocai$1.40 billion
196Wu Guangming$1.40 billion
197Lin Jianhua$1.40 billion
198Lou Zhongfu$1.40 billion
199Shi Yuzhu$1.40 billion
200Gao Dekang$1.40 billion
201Zhang Wanzhen$1.40 billion
202Changpeng Zhao$1.40 billion
203Tian Ming$1.40 billion
204Xiao Chunhong$1.40 billion
205Huang Wen Tsai$1.40 billion
206David Xueling Li$1.40 billion
207Liang Guangwei$1.40 billion
208Wu Lanlan$1.40 billion
209Li Xuhui$1.40 billion
210Jiang Xuefei$1.30 billion
211Zhao Weiguo$1.30 billion
212Zhang Yubai$1.30 billion
213Wang Yaohai$1.30 billion
214Zhou Zongwen$1.30 billion
215Fu Guangming$1.30 billion
216Wang Qunbin$1.30 billion
217William Li$1.30 billion
218Huang Hongyun$1.30 billion
219Liu Hanyuan$1.30 billion
220Lu Di$1.30 billion
221Zhou Yongli$1.30 billion
222Wang Jian$1.30 billion
223Zhang Xuanning$1.30 billion
224Zhou Bajin$1.30 billion
225Liang Feng$1.30 billion
226Gao Tianguo$1.30 billion
227Chen Tianqiao$1.30 billion
228Don Gao$1.30 billion
229Shao Qinxiang$1.30 billion
230Sun Qinghuan$1.30 billion
231Yao Jinbo$1.20 billion
232Zhuang Kuilong$1.20 billion
233Chen Dejun$1.20 billion
234Yan Yude$1.20 billion
235Li Liangbin$1.20 billion
236Li Tan$1.20 billion
237Wang Jianfeng$1.20 billion
238Ni Zugen$1.20 billion
239Liu Jiang$1.20 billion
240Hu Keqin$1.20 billion
241Yang Tingdong$1.20 billion
242Sun Yinhuan$1.20 billion
243Gao Yunfeng$1.20 billion
244Bu Yang$1.20 billion
245Cheng Wei$1.20 billion
246Dong Fan$1.20 billion
247Wang Yong$1.20 billion
248Liu Zhiqiang$1.20 billion
249Xiao Wenge$1.20 billion
250Yu Yunxin$1.20 billion
251Su Weizhong$1.20 billion
252Zhang Zhangsun$1.20 billion
253Ni Zhaoxing$1.20 billion
254Wei Shaojun$1.20 billion
255Ou Zonghong$1.20 billion
256Huang Xiaofen$1.20 billion
257Zhu Wenchen$1.20 billion
258Cai Wensheng$1.20 billion
259Su Rubo$1.20 billion
260Ye Cheng$1.20 billion
261Zan Shengda$1.20 billion
262Wang Muqing$1.20 billion
263Chen Shiliang$1.20 billion
264Xue Hua$1.10 billion
265Chen Xiaoying$1.10 billion
266Shang Jiyong$1.10 billion
267Lucy Peng$1.10 billion
268Liu Baolin$1.10 billion
269Li Jiaquan$1.10 billion
270Xiu Laigui$1.10 billion
271Ou Xueming$1.10 billion
272Xu Qiming$1.10 billion
273Liu Xuejing$1.10 billion
274Wen Yibo$1.10 billion
275Zhou Yaoting$1.10 billion
276Ren Zhengfei$1.10 billion
277Mi Enhua$1.10 billion
278Swift Xie$1.10 billion
279Chi Yufeng$1.10 billion
280Li Guangyu$1.10 billion
281Zhou Yifeng$1.10 billion
282Yang Shaopeng$1.10 billion
283Wu Yiling$1.10 billion
284Li Yong$1.10 billion
285Li Zongsong$1.10 Bbillion
286Jonathan Lu$1.10 billion
287You Xiaoping$1.10 billion
288Wu Daohong$1.10 billion
289Wong Hong King$1.10 billion
290Liu Zhendong$1.10 billion
291Huang Li$1.10 billion
292Huang Qisen$1.10 billion
293Wang Zhenghua$1.10 billion
294Jin Huiming$1.10 billion
295Xu Xudong$1.10 billion
296Wang Miaotong$1.10 billion
297Yu Rong$1.10 billion
298Wang Han$1 billion
299Wang Junjin$1 billion
300Zhang Cheng Fei$1 billion
301Yi Zheng$1 billion
302Liao Chang$1 billion

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