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Richest Women In The United States For 2018: 55 Female Billionaires

Laurene Powell Jobs

From Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates to Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg – the ten richest people in the United States are all men.

In order to identify the richest women in the United States, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed reviewed data from Forbes list of the 400 richest people in the US for 2018. We looked at the net-worth of each female billionaires. Unsurprisingly, with an estimated $44.9 billion fortune, the richest woman in the United States is Alice Walton.

Thanks to a 20% jump in the retail giant’s stock, the Walmart heiress net-worth has increased by more than $6 billion in the past year. Her sister-in-law Christy Walton (7th; $7.5 billion) and her cousins: Anne Walter Kroenke (9th; $6.5 billion) and Nancy Walton Laurie (19th; $5.7 billion), are also on the list.

In total, 55 women made it onto the list for 2018, plus two others who are listed with their husbands.

Richest Women In The United States For 2018

RankNameNet WorthAgeKnow For
1Alice Walton$44.9 billion69Walmart
2Jacqueline Mars$24 billion79candy, pet food
3Laurene Powell Jobs & family$20.5 billion54Apple, Disney
4Abigail Johnson$17.3 billion56money management
5Blair Parry-Okeden$9.3 billion68media, automotive
6Pauline MacMillan Keinath$7.8 billion84Cargill
7Christy Walton$7.2 billion69Walmart
8Diane Hendricks$6.8 billion71roofing
9Ann Walton Kroenke$6.5 billion69Walmart
10Dannine Avara$6.2 billion54pipelines
11Milane Frantz$6.2 billion49pipelines
12Katharine Rayner$6.2 billion73media, automotive
13Margaretta Taylor$6.2 billion76media, automotive
14Randa Williams$6.2 billion57pipelines
15Marijke Mars$6 billion54candy, pet food
16Pamela Mars$6 billion58candy, pet food
17Valerie Mars$6 billion59candy, pet food
18Victoria Mars$6 billion61candy, pet food
19Nancy Walton Laurie$5.7 billion67Walmart
20Ronda Stryker$5.6 billion64medical equipment
21Martha Ingram & family$5.5 billion83book distribution, transportation
22Karen Pritzker$5.1 billion60hotels, investments
23Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer$4.9 billion57Cargill
24Tamara Gustavson$4.6 billion56self storage
25Dagmar Dolby & family$4.5 billion77Dolby Laboratories
26Marianne Liebmann$4.5 billion65Cargill
27Marian Ilitch$4 billion85Little Caesars
28Elizabeth Johnson$3.9 billion55money management
29Judy Faulkner$3.5 billion75health IT
30Helen Johnson-Leipold$3.5 billion61cleaning products
31Winifred Johnson-Marquart$3.5 billion59cleaning products
32Jane Goldman$3.3 billion63real estate
33Amy Goldman Fowler$3.3 billion64real estate
34Diane Kemper$3.3 billion73real estate
35Lynn Schusterman$3.3 billion79oil & gas, investments
36Meg Whitman$3.3 billion62eBay
37Jean (Gigi) Pritzker$3.2 billion56hotels, investments
38Johnelle Hunt$3.1 billion86trucking
39Mary Alice Dorrance Malone$3.1 billion68Campbell Soup
40Lynsi Snyder$3 billion36In-N-Out Burger
41Jane Lauder$2.9 billion45cosmetics
42Gayle Benson$2.8 billion71pro sports teams
43Oprah Winfrey$2.8 billion64TV shows
44Doris Fisher$2.7 billion87Gap
45Penny Pritzker$2.7 billion59hotels, investments
46Anita Zucker$2.6 billion66chemicals
47Denise York$2.5 billion68San Francisco 49ers
48Thai Lee$2.3 billion59IT provider
49Pat Stryker$2.3 billion62medical equipment
50Aerin Lauder$2.2 billion48cosmetics
51Elaine Wynn$2.2 billion76casinos, hotels
52Alexandra Daitch$2.1 billion55Cargill
53Sarah MacMillan$2.1 billion64Cargill
54Lucy Stitzer$2.1 billion58Cargill
55Katherine Tanner$2.1 billion62Cargill

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Richest Women In The United States For 2018: 55 Female Billionaires
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