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Russia’s Rich List 2019: Wealthiest People In Russia

With a net worth estimated at $24 billion, Leonid Mikhelson, the chairman of the management board of Novatek gas giant, has been named the wealthiest businessman in Russia. Magazine also suggested that the total wealth of the country’s wealthiest 200 businessmen is $496 billion. With a net worth estimated at $1.2 billion, Elena Baturina is the richest woman in Russia in 2019. She ranks 81st in the rating.

Vladimir Lisin, the chairman of the board of directors of NLMK Group is in the second place with $21.3 billion, and Lukoil president Vagit Alekperov with $20.7 billion is in the third place. In the fourth and fifth places, there is Chairman of Severstal board of directors, Aleksey Mordashov ($20.5 billion) and a member of Novatek and Sibur board of directors, Gennady Timchenko ($20.1 billion).

The top ten wealthiest businessmen also include President of Norilsk Nickel, Vladimir Potanin ($18.1 billion), the largest shareholder of Alfa Bank, Mikhail Fridman ($15 billion), co-owner of Eurochem, Andrey Melnichenko ($13.8 billion), founder of USM Holdings, Alisher Usmanov ($12.6 billion), and the owner of Millhouse, Roman Abramovich ($12.4 billion).

Russia’s Rich List 2019: Wealthiest People In Russia

RankNameNet Worth ($US)
1Leonid Mikhelson24 billion
2Vladimir Lisin21.3 billion
3Vagit Alekperov20.7 billion
4Alexei Mordashov20.5 billion
5Gennady Timchenko20.1 billion
6Vladimir Potanin18.1 billion
7Mikhail Fridman15 billion
8Andrey Melnichenko13.8 billion
9Alisher Usmanov12.6 billion
10Roman Abramovich12.4 billion
11Viktor Vekselberg11.5 billion
12Mikhail Prokhorov9.8 billion
13German Khan9.7 billion
14Viktor Rashnikov8.9 billion
15Leonid Fedun8.9 billion
16Alexei Kuzmichev7.5 billion
17Dmitry Rybolovlev6.8 billion
18Iskander Makhmudov6.6 billion
19Suleyman Kerimov6.3 billion
20Alexander Abramov6.2 billion
21Petr Aven5.2 billion
22Andrei Skoch5.2 billion
23Sergei Popov4.5 billion
24Andrei Kozitsyn4.4 billion
25Igor Altushkin4.3 billion
26Andrey Guryev4.3 billion
27Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor3.8 billion
28Samvel Karapetyan3.7 billion
29Mikhail Gutseriyev3.7 billion
30Yuri Milner3.6 billion
31Oleg Deripaska3.6 billion
32God Nisanov3.5 billion
33Sergey Galitsky3.5 billion
34Zarakh Iliev3.5 billion
35Alexander Ponomarenko3.2 billion
36Igor Kesaev3.2 billion
37Aleksandr Skorobogatko3.2 billion
38Dmitry Kamenshchik2.8 billion
39Pavel Durov2.7 billion
40Alexander Frolov2.7 billion
41Arkady Rotenberg2.6 billion
42Alexander Mamut2.5 billion
43Alexander Svetakov2.5 billion
44Andrey Andreev2.3 billion
45Vadim Moshkovich2.3 billion
46Dmitry Aleksandrovich Pumpyanskiy2.2 billion
47Oleg Tinkov2.2 billion
48Igor Makarov2.1 billion
49Aleksey Repik2.1 billion
50Nikolai Buinov2 billion
51Alexander Nesis2 billion
52Aras Agalarov1.9 billion
53Konstantin Strukov1.9 billion
54Valentin Gapontsev1.8 billion
55Sergei Gordeev1.8 billion
56Alexander Klyachin1.7 billion
57Vasily Anisimov1.6 billion
58Vladimir Bogdanov1.6 billion
59Roman Trotsenko1.6 billion
60Yuri Shefler1.6 billion
61Roman Avdeev1.5 billion
62Gavril Yushvaev1.5 billion
63Leonid Jakovlevitsj Simanovskiy1.5 billion
64Vladimir Yevtushenkov1.5 billion
65Andrey Bokarev1.5 billion
66Ivan Savvidis1.5 billion
67Farkhad Akhmedov1.4 billion
68Arkady Volozh1.4 billion
69Pyotr Kondrashev1.4 billion
70Anatoly Lomakin1.4 billion
71Radik Shaimiev1.3 billion
72Airat Shaimiev1.3 billion
73Sait-Salam Gutseriyev1.3 billion
74Igor Rybakov1.3 billion
75Eugene Kaspersky1.3 billion
76Sergei Katsiev1.3 billion
77Yury Kovalchuk1.3 billion
78Sergei Kolesnikov1.3 billion
79Andrei Kosogov1.3 billion
80Megdet Rahimkulov1.3 billion
81Yelena Baturina1.2 billion
82Oleg Boyko1.2 billion
83Nikita Mishin1.2 billion
84Konstantin Nikolaev1.2 billion
85Rustem Sulteev1.2 billion
86Gleb Fetisov1.2 billion
87iktor Vladimirovich Kharitonin1.2 billion
88Albert Shigaboutdinov 1.2 billion
89Vladimir Leschikov1.1 billion
90Vitaly Orlov1.1 billion
91Andrei Rappoport1.1 billion
92Boris Romanovitch Rotenberg1.1 billion
93Andrey Filatov1.1 billion
94 Leonid Boguslavsky1 billion
95Mikhail Shelkov1 billion
96Alexander Dzhaparidze1 billion
97Boris Zingarevich1 billion
98Zakhar Smushkin1 billion
99Vadim Yakunin1 billion
100Tatyana Bakalchuk1 billion

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Russia’s Rich List 2019: Wealthiest People In Russia
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