Wednesday, June 12, 2024

CEO Spotlight

Neil Mirchandani
CEO Spotlight

Neil Mirchandani Turned Two Couches into a Multimillion Dollar Event Rental Empire

From the entertainment industry mecca of the South, in Atlanta, Ga., Neil Mirchandani leads a multimillion dollar event furnishing company, LLL Event Furnishings & Rentals. Mirchandani, who turned DJ to founder of the top provider for films and music videos, has even had some pieces featured on the hit Netflix...
Mo Katibeh, President and COO of RingCentral
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Mo Katibeh’s Affinity for Technology and Innovation Continues to Drive a Remarkable Career

In today’s increasingly fast-paced digital world, efficient business communications are key to reaching customers, investors, and other stakeholders. Forward-thinking companies are on a mission to make these seamless interactions the rule rather than the exception. Mo Katibeh, RingCentral’s President and Chief Operating Officer, oversees the company’s global enterprise communications strategic...
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