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Top Healthcare Tech CEOs
CEO Spotlight

Top Healthcare Tech CEOs to Watch in 2023

CEOWORLD magazine has unveiled its highly anticipated annual list of the top healthcare technology CEOs to watch in 2023. What sets this list apart is its unique selection process, relying on over 1 million anonymous employee sentiment ratings provided by site users. The rankings for 2023 feature a diverse group...
CEO Spotlight

5 Things You Should Know About Elon Musk

Elon Musk, for many, is the most admirable entrepreneur ever. And to his credit, he deserves all the acclaim and praises that people worldwide shower on him. On more than one occasion, he has single-handedly changed the course of the industry. From path-breaking innovations to futuristic products, Musk has given...
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Meeting Shanir Kol

Does your business have a story to tell? Shanir Kol: My journey as an entrepreneur started way back in 1999, soon after graduating from the California State University Business School in Northridge, CA. As a budding businessman, my sole determination was always to help customers make informed and risk-free decisions while...
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