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Palomi Gupta

Palomi Gupta

Palomi Gupta is a student of journalism interested in the intersections of lifestyle, education, business, media and more. She has been writing consistently since school level and is a core team member of Research and Content Writing Societies of college. She is also a proficient speaker, having and experience worth several events including debates, Model United Nations, etc. Palomi Gupta is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Follow her on LinkedIn. She can be reached on email
Lifestyle and Travel

Singapore: All set to become the new hub for Chinese technological companies?

As tensions between Washington and Beijing heighten, big number of China’s technological firms are extending activities and aiming to deepen their exposure in Singapore, the fastest growing Southeast Asian country, home to about 650 million people. Some reports suggest that ByteDance, the owner of popular video-sharing social networking service called...
Stats Gate

Countries Where The Richest People Live

Royal, grand chateaus, extravagant penthouses, ocean-view properties, exclusive islands are some of the sights which ring a bell in our minds when we think of the places where the world’s richest people may be living. Against the setting of elevated market unpredictability, worldwide trade tensions, and a massive slowdown in...
Executive Insider

COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Innovation

Coronavirus continues to dominate every conversation as the world struggles to deal with the magnitude of the pandemic. However, amidst such chaos and conversation also lies an unparalleled opportunity to usher in transformational changes to the various sectors spread across. Hovering around each corner is technology, which is keeping the...
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