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Future of Education Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to change the world upside down sooner than we know. The organisation of the institutions of governments, educational sectors, the way people think and function will transform for the long term.

Among these sectors, the field of education as well is undergoing a tectonic shift right now. The traditional long-running educational system has come to a halt during this crisis and the technology-mediated one has taken over.

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, millions of students across the globe have been driven out of the university spaces and have been confined within their homes. The education stands disaggregated and students and faculty now grapple with the sudden norm of tech-mediated teaching and learning.

The new mode can be termed as Education 4.0, after the first three waves of education system that evolved over 2000 years of civilisation – The Gurukul system, the traditional system) and distance learning.

How is the educational sector going to steer along this way?

  • COVID-19 is such a pandemic that illustrates how globally interconnected we are thus this will be working as a precedent to the students to make them understand of the inter-relatedness and navigation across borders to leverage their differences and work in a globally collaborative manner.
  • In this ever-changing global environment, youngsters need adaptability and resilience, which would help them navigate their way through this storm. In the future, the employers would be in dire need of having as their employees who would own within themselves empathy and emotional intelligence alongside the ever-needed creativity, communication skills and collaborative capabilities.
  • Even the notion of an educator has completely transformed over these past months. Being the education holder who is capable of imparting the wisdom to students cannot be deemed fit in these times where students are able to gain access to plethora of platforms imparting knowledge to them just through a few clicks on gadgets. This may mean that the role of educators will need to move towards facilitating young people’s development not just as students but also as active members of society.

While the system is capable of incorporating changes, the new digital landscape has its very own unsolved problems:

  • Learning is not just limited to sharing a library of video lectures and e-books and converting notes into PDFs. Learning goes much beyond that. Even if it is limited to this, in order to digitalize learning in all contexts require collaboration on all fronts for organisations’ digital pivots to be successful.
  • Replication of the traditional classroom teaching requires a great deal of understanding and application of digital pedagogy. Working upon diverse learner profiles, as on the content and weave it into program design becomes difficult for institutions as happens under classical pedagogy.

As it appears from the incidents we read about, these experiences of isolation and remote-learning away from peers, teachers, classrooms and campuses only remind the students of the importance of our human need for face-to-face social interaction.

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