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COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Innovation

Coronavirus continues to dominate every conversation as the world struggles to deal with the magnitude of the pandemic. However, amidst such chaos and conversation also lies an unparalleled opportunity to usher in transformational changes to the various sectors spread across.

Hovering around each corner is technology, which is keeping the process alive. This convergence of humans and technology is quickly leading us into the fifth industrial revolution: the era of artificial intelligence. The coronavirus can be a big catalyst for change and innovation, in the way we live and work.

Given how far we have moved into the digital spaces in the past few months it would be difficult for us to move back to the physical alternatives. Innovation has taken off at a random pace in response to the pandemic and we are already witnessing inspiring innovations at the global level.

The academic community has been turning around, collaborating, experimenting with emerging technologies, and publishing its studies at a rapid pace. The accommodation industry has been joining hands with the medical unit to connect patients, serve them in such times of social isolation.

The Government, universities, and other various industries are working together to rapidly roll out innovations in the form of safety gear, vaccines, etc in order to relax the status quo and provide guidance to practitioners for their usage. Even the automobile giants like Tesla, Ford, etc have joined forces to help out the sufferers and assemble the ventilators for the patients.

In the low-code application development environment, technical teams are pairing up with business users to provide the responsiveness that is imperative in the current scenario. The COVID-19 is also a catalyst for innovation in the sense that so many countries around the globe have initiated open platforms for its people to engage with them and trace the ongoings pertaining to the pandemic and also the transformation of traditional education into the completely digitalized system.

Rather than occurring as a normal evolution over the years, COVID-19 has pushed the virtualization of businesses upon us with immediate effect.

Uncertain times are wellsprings of opportunity. Here are no established and certain paths for us to tread on but COVID-19 has also given us an opportunity to harness our collective will and most importantly to catalyze innovation and change.

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