Monday, June 17, 2024

Azhar Alvi

Azhar Alvi

Azhar Alvi is CEOWORLD magazine’s Global Lifestyle Correspondent. He covers anything and everything related to fashion and travel, whether luxury or business or design.
CEO Briefing

Top Places To Visit Based On Your Star Sign, 2020 – Dream Vacation

Often, our leisure travel choices are defined by what others have recommended us with or what we see people doing in social media, and as such, our expectations for our said travel are already set before we even step out of our homes. As much as this is a good...
CEO Advisory

The Positive Side Of COVID-19

The world has hit kind of a reset button in 2020. The reason for that is obvious. A novel virus that originated in the Wuhan district of China has now taken refuge in host bodies in almost every part of the world. Even the remote islands of French Polynesia have...
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