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Top Things To Shoot As A Photographer Or Cinematographer

Modern technology had made it possible for imaging products to seep in deep in our daily lives, so much so that the average consumer nowadays has access to cameras that can rival motion picture video quality and that raises interesting avenues for the creative ones among us who always wanted to get into the reel world but didn’t have the resources or the opportunities to actually get there.

We have smartphones that are shod with some of the most intricate and complex imaging hardware and software so for the mammoth price that you pay for your smartphone or DSLR camera, half the investment for your cinematography/photography kit is already there.

And armed with the latest know-how and some other accessories, and of course heaps of imagination and creativity, you can produce digital media that’s almost as good as Hollywood. The question remains though, as to what you should shoot that provides substantial returns to your imaging gear. This article has a list of them.

  1. Models: If you have access to a studio space, whether you are renting it out or you own one yourself, model photography is the easiest way to get the most bang for your buck. You can create stunning portfolios for people looking to make their way to the big screen. All you need is an assortment of prime lenses and a good knowledge of Photoshop.

  2. Landscape/Nature photography: It goes on without saying that Earth is a beautiful planet, and the more you travel, the more it will mesmerize you with its visuals. It only makes sense that you capture those visuals and sell them online.

  3. Family Portraits/Baby shoots: There is a growing demand in metropolitan areas for people who can create stunning and lasting memories for young couples or people who have recently added one to their family. Find out what’s happening in your locality about people soliciting photographers to shoot their families. It pays well too.

  4. Weddings/Pre weddings: Weddings and pre weds are a team activity. If you have a team of people who can cover a large enough event, weddings, and even pre-wed shoots offer you substantial monetary returns and are exciting for the most part. All you need is 5-6 people who cover photography, videography, drone shots, and editing and you are good to go.

  5. Cultural events/Concerts: If you live in a metropolitan area you can be sure of events happening in some way or the other almost every day of the week. All you need is a fast shooting DSLR and a couple of lenses (wide and telephoto/prime) and you can be a good volunteer for the camera work. Add in a friend who does cinematography and you could officially cover the entire event.

  6. Photography for science: The scientific world is always on the lookout for new and intriguing imagery that can help them to understand this world and beyond in a better way. If you have a good enough macro lens you can capture the finer details of the insect kingdom and sell those images to people in research. Who knows your photos could actually bring about a change.

  7. Sports Photography: The sporting world is always looking for volunteers who can cover the electrifying events. If you are lucky enough to get associated with a magazine or the sport’s governing body, you can become a sport’s official photographer and get to travel with the sport around the world.

  8. Cinematography for short films: Your local scene would be full of aspiring filmmakers looking to make their mark in the world of cinema. They start off with short films averaging 10-12 minutes for channels like YouTube and Vimeo. They usually have the idea but they are constrained by the shooting and editing part. You can fill those shoes and be a part of the fun and challenge of being part of a creative community.

  9. Food Photography: Appetite is a direct consequence of what we see and what seems aesthetically pleasing to our eyes. There is a complete industry dedicated to making sure food looks great and triggers our taste buds even when we don’t need them to. You can tap that domain and food photography is as gratifying to one’s own soul as it is for your client.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top Things To Shoot As A Photographer Or Cinematographer
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