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Top tips for spending a quality quarantine

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It is an almost certain fact that all of us have never faced disruption in the world order as profound as the one in recent times, where the entire planet has seemingly been shut down because of a global pandemic that, despite the best efforts of the people and governments, could not be contained in its initial stages and has now assumed gargantuan proportions. While tourism and travel have been the biggest and direct victim of the coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it is officially called, many organizations have shifted their focus to fully digital workspaces, where the work is indeed going on albeit behind closed doors. Almost all of us have stopped going to our offices in line with maintaining social distancing and quarantine to best stop the pandemic from spreading further. And until this is fully contained, our days and nights are spent exclusively inside our homes. This raises some interesting questions on how to spend time and maintain a work-life balance within the confines of a home. This article will help you do just that.

  1. Home Workouts: It goes on without saying that staying at home produces a sedentary lifestyle that is not too good for your body. The only way out towards being in shape would be to work out at home. You don’t even need weights or special equipment. There are many innovative ways to stimulate the gym experience.
  2. Dedicate an office space: Working from home, in the long run, can prove to be distracting. An office environment helps you be grounded in reality and ensure that you are focusing on what pays you. It’s a good idea to dedicate a room and make it look like as if it was your office. Comfort and a good working environment drive maximum productivity.
  3. Stay connected with people: As long as you have an internet connection, which in the modern context is a no brainer, you are never really far from human contact. Maintaining human contact with your friends and colleagues is extremely important for your mental wellbeing, especially in a time like this. Make it a point to do video calls with friends and loved ones.
  4. Revive old hobbies: Maybe you were a singer, or maybe you were a stand up comic, or maybe you were an instrumentalist or just someone who loved origami. Hobbies and creativity know no bounds and now is the right time to revive them and show them to the world at large. Moreover, it is a huge confidence and personality booster.
  5. Hit the reset button: The negative effects of the pandemic notwithstanding now is a great time to think and reflect on your life and maybe even start over. Many of us have had dreams and aspirations which were drowned in the perpetual rat race. But now, with the world ground to a halt, is the perfect time for a little introspection.
  6. Spend quality time with the kids and family: Modern times have been the times of immense competition, where a majority of your waking hours have been spent in your employment and very little time has gone into spending quality time with the family. This quarantined state is the perfect avenue for making up that lost ground. Make it count.
  7. Catch up on some good movies and TV shows: It doesn’t always have to be work and activities. Sometimes all you need is a good sofa and a nice movie or TV series in front of you. More inspirations are wrought by the celluloid heroes than actually meets the eye. Some of them are real eye-openers while others are just laugh, which is what you really need sometimes.
  8. Develop an appreciation for the smaller things: Rarely has the world seen a pandemic as ubiquitous as this, and while you are stuck at home its actually a good time to think and ponder of what all you have and be grateful for it. Our wants and desires could be unending and we may eventually achieve some or almost all of them, but along with that should come to the appreciation of what you already have and be thankful for it. It’s a powerful tool to initiate happiness and a sense of fulfillment within the self.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top tips for spending a quality quarantine
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