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8 tips to be a successful travel blogger

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There has never been a better time than now to be a traveler. The world has become a much smaller place thanks to unparalleled connectivity options and ease of transportation. Provided you have the resources and the time, you can pretty much travel to the far reaches of the Earth in a matter of hours and discover something unprecedented.

And while most of us are intrepid explorers either to get an escape from the mundaneness of everyday life, there are some who have enough creative juices flowing to make their travel experiences wholesome and captivating for others to see.

Travel blogging has therefore assumed gargantuan proportions as a career choice for many and the trend is only set to grow, what with the imaging technology that has come of age. This article outlines the best methods you can incorporate if you want to be your very own travel blogger.

  1. Be social media savvy
    Social media in all its forms has become the tongue of modern marketing. Your battle is half won if you have a strong social media presence. Add to that third party analytics software that can help you in reaching your target audience, it only makes sense that various social media tools form an indispensable part of your blogging journey.

    traveling on holidays

  2. Brand yourself to reach your target audience
    You cannot please everyone and its important to have a specific target audience that you can cater to. Branding helps to achieve that and is dependent on what you actually want to do and achieve through your efforts. Your target audience will find it easier to find you if your brand name reflects what you do.

    traveling on holidays

  3. Be observant
    It goes on without saying that the success of your travel platform will depend on the quality of your content. And quality comes from being a nosey parker in your observations. The beauty is in the finer details for an explorer. Take notes, pictures and videos as much as possible

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  4. Collaborate with other travel influencers
    If you get to meet your heroes, the people who inspired you to be a travel blogger yourself, is one of the biggest attractors of traffic to your channel. And even if you can’t get through to the top guns, collaborate with likeminded peers. You will have a pool of ideas that you can use and know places you never heard of.

  5. Crawl all over Google Earth
    The best way to find out where you would be going next would undoubtedly be your computer. The influx of satellite imagery that is available on Google’s Earth is mind boggling to say the least and it will put into perspective how much of Earth is still left to be explored. Once you have your bucket list, just head out there.

  6. Be wise and selective when to sponsor requests
    Once you have your social media presence booming, it is inevitable that companies and brands will start contacting you to use market their product through your brand to your target audience. It is important that you do thorough research and see if the branding is relevant to your image, and therefore it is imperative that you be extremely selective and not get swayed by the “free stuff” that’s on offer.

  7. Maintain your unique identity
    It is ok to be influenced by the people and channels you follow and is actually a good idea to incorporate some of their ideas in your own content, but that should not take anything from the fact that your channel is all about you and your unique identity. We all have something different that we can bring to the table. Never let go of that.

  8. Give your passion the time it deserves.
    Travel blogging, or for that matter any creative venture, is no child’s play. You could not be more wrong if you think of it as just a pass time thing. It is important that you dedicate the time and effort it deserves for your platform to work for you. You need to learn the relevant technologies, best practices and you need to be consistent in the delivery of your content. Your platform will suffer if you post once and then forget about it in the excuse of having no time. Set aside some time every day to work on your platform. It’s like having a baby. You can never ignore it.

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