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Top 8 Mythbusters For The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

There is no doubting the fact that the coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19 as it is so-called, has brought the world to a virtual standstill. Very rarely through all of history has a worldwide phenomenon occurred that has affected every aspect of human life, and every class of humans, as profoundly as this one.

The effect is even more pronounced in the modern context, where the entire world is connected as one giant entity, any disruption in any part of the world can easily be transmitted to the whole world in a matter of days. In such a time, fear and misconception reign high and it is easy to spread misinformation and be misled in the process.

The WHO has issued a complete list of “myth busters” that can help you steer clear from any baseless information about the pandemic so that the entire world can act as a family and flatten the curve as much as possible, so that life can return to normalcy. This article lists the top misconceptions around the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Avoid social media posts that come from unverified sources
    The Social media is rife with information and misinformation about the pandemic, with the misinformation part being predominantly widespread. Unless it comes from a government agency or the World Health Organization, it would be prudent to skip such information and possibly ensure that such things are not shared.

  2. 5G networks are not carriers of the pandemic
    This notion has gained widespread popularity in recent days, but the simple fact is that COVID-19 does not spread through radio and mobile networks and airwaves. It is transmitted through droplets shed by symptomatic people and which is why social distancing in such a time is so important.

  3. Higher temperature and exposure to sun does not kill the virus
    No matter what anyone says, there is no conclusive proof that higher temperatures are detrimental factors for the virus. There are some who suggest having a hot shower or exposure to bright sunlight to kill the virus. This is simply not true and should be avoided at all costs.

  4. Holding your breath for 10 seconds is not a definitive symptoms test
    In the early days there were reports that if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds and not feel any discomfort, you are not symptomatic. However, it has been proved that this is in no way a definitive test, and the exercise is, therefore, a moot point in the entire self-diagnosis field. There is only one way to find out for sure, and that is through a lab test.

  5. Alcohol consumption does not kill the virus
    Various social media posts and people have linked the usage of hand sanitizer to the consumption of liquor as modes to kill the virus, because both contain alcohol. While sanitizers do help in protecting us against germs, consuming alcohol doesn’t, and on the contrary, as we all know, it only compounds health problems.

  6. UV lamps cannot kill the coronavirus
    Another common misconception around the inhibition of the pandemic has been to use UV lamps to sanitize hands. Not only is this false, but the usage of UV lamps can bring about undesirable effects on the skin and is therefore definitely not recommended. The same goes for hand dryers.

  7. Mosquitoes are not carriers of the pandemic
    Because it is a respiratory virus, that spreads primarily from asymptomatic individuals to others, other organisms, specifically mosquitoes, have no role to play in their spread. So if you are quarantined at home and apprehensive that the mosquitoes may be bringing the virus to you, fret not, because you have done your part in being socially distant.

  8. COVID-19 is not a lifelong disease.
    If you contact the COVID-19 disease due to any unfortunate circumstance, you need to understand that it is not a lifelong gig. With proper diet and nutrition, and more importantly self-quarantine, anyone can recover, and be a normal human again. Anyone who says or shares that COVID-19 is a terminal disease has not done proper research. The only reason why the pandemic is as serious as it is now is that there has been no solid vaccine developed as of this writing, but time and again science has found answers to impossible things, and when it does, this will become just another virus.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top 8 Mythbusters For The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
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