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The Positive Side Of COVID-19

The world has hit kind of a reset button in 2020. The reason for that is obvious. A novel virus that originated in the Wuhan district of China has now taken refuge in host bodies in almost every part of the world. Even the remote islands of French Polynesia have not been spared. Aviation, transportation, travel, services and gigantic companies have ground to a halt. Everyone, if not working for essential and emergency services, is quarantined at home and that raises quite a few avenues for introspection about the world around us, and how a novel virus has proved to be a bigger threat than the arsenal of all the super weapons the world has ever seen. As it turns out, not all of the effects of the pandemic are in the negative. There have been some positive aspects too. This article lists them out for you.

The air has become cleaner

Factories, vehicles, transport and aviation have all ground to a halt. With very less carbon emissions in recent times, the quality of air has seen an unprecedented improvement. Visibility has increased and the air has become so much more breathable now. Ecosystems are coming back to life and life in oceans is slowly returning to its full potential. The COVID-19 virus has achieved what no other ecological movement or organization has been able to achieve. Stop environmental pollution.

Race, creed, religion and discrimination have no value now

The COVID-19 virus spread has been omnipresent. There has been no discrimination as to what or who it has infected. The virus has infected the rich, the poor, the good, the bad and people from all walks of life. It has become the single most potent constituent to the world unifier where everyone now is working towards a common goal. Social media is rife with messages and urges from everyone to stay at home and stay safe, and that is a wholesome sight to see.

Families have come closer to each other

People who used to have this constant excuse of not being able to spend quality time at home with their families and loved ones have now their excuses unfounded. With everyone working from home or simply staying at home, relationships and families have come together and come to celebrate the spirit of togetherness. Whether for a good outcome or bad, the quarantined state of life has brought a sense of honesty towards every relationship.

The most powerful nations have become powerless against the pandemic

The pandemic has gone a long way to show that even the nations and people with the most money and resources have come down to their knees in battling the pandemic. While they were busy stocking up on arsenal and weapons of mass destruction they were embarrassingly behind in medical infrastructure that could actually save lives. This virus has taught everyone how useless destructive power can be, and where the money and resources should actually have gone.

Work from home could become the next big thing.

The whole idea of getting up early, battling the traffic and coming to work has been shaken to its very foundations. This is especially true for large corporations who required their employees to come to work every day or at least some days of the week. With this pandemic forcing everyone to be at home, companies have had to resort to either laying off their employees or providing them with the proper infrastructure to work from home. If this policy is effectuated in the coming years, there could be huge savings in both time and money to ferry people back and to workplaces, and needless o say it could be especially good for the environment.

Emergency, health, and labor personnel have assumed greater importance 

They may be on the most basic of pays, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the importance of people who work in the construction of the world and its infrastructure. Without them, there can be no building or machine, things that we are so dependent now. The same goes to the people working in emergency services, in hospitals, in law and order because if they stop, the whole world will come to a stop and bereft of the most basic services. Maybe it is high time that we shifted our focus to them instead of following celebrities and politicians as our true influencers.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - The Positive Side Of COVID-19
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