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Why Being Yourself Is Only A Plus

The society in which we live and actively participate comes with high expectations. To accomplish the goals that others set for us, we have to change and adjust. However, what if there is a better answer than changing? Even though change is not bad, it does not specifically mean progress. If change means you have to fill other people’s shoes, perhaps changing is not positive. The ideal situation is to be completely comfortable with the way you are right now, at this particular moment. If you are looking for a challenge, this is the greatest. Being ok with who you are and having no problem showing that is one hell of a bet. Today we will talk about the benefits of such a brave choice and why we should reconsider the possibility of just being ourselves.

  1. No time to waste
    Getting into the procedure of pretending to be someone you are not will waste some of your valuable time. Have you ever considered how much time young teenagers waste to take the perfect shot they will post on Facebook and Instagram? What impact does that have in their life, really? On the contrary, if you decide to be yourself, you do not have to fight to create the perfect image for yourself. If you think about it, this image is not for your pleasure. Sometimes you build it only to satisfy others, forgetting how important it is to satisfy yourself. So, yeah, we would dare to say that playing this silly game is a waste of time.
  2. Freedom and relaxation
    In addition, it is not only about the time you put into that but also about the things you miss. Once you realize that being yourself means you no longer have to lie about anything, you will see that this choice is more than wise. Now, worries can disappear in the glimpse of an eye. When we are authentic, we allow ourselves to act and react in a way that feels more comfortable and easy. We do not have to put filters and delay our reactions until we approve them. We become more spontaneous, and the possibilities to become loveable are increased. Everyone likes spontaneous people who have nothing to hide, and you can be that person. Now, the ball is in other people’s court, and you have nothing to worry about.
  3. Clear like water, strong like the sun
    When we are honest, we also have a sense of innocence and cleanliness. Those who speak the truth about things they know or other people and themselves have no guilts. Peaceful dreams will accompany a deep and still light night’s sleep. Say goodbye to guilt and get ready to embrace a reality of light and love.
  4. Genuine relationships will knock on your door
    Sometimes when we are who we want to be, some people will dislike us, and this is a part of the game. As time goes by, you will learn to get to terms with that. You will make your peace with the fact that having other people’s disapproval does not mean the end of the world. On the other hand, it means it is time to eliminate relationships that are not deep and meaningful and take more than what they give back. If you have to put a serious amount of effort into keeping some people on your side, you should think twice about whether these people are worth it. If you have to be fake, they are indeed not worth it. Not because they are not valuable or exciting as personalities but because you do not have the right chemistry. At this point, you will learn that keeping those you love and feel pleasant to be with, is easier. At the same time, people who are not a good match will say goodbye eventually once they realize you are not meant to be friends. Quicker than you thought, you will have created a better relationship with yourself. You will also have better relationships with other people and be close only to those who are useful and positive to you.

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