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Perry Carpenter
Critical thinking

The 5 Roadblocks of Security Culture and How to Avoid Them

Experts predict that global businesses will spend a whopping $172 billion on cybersecurity this year  (up from $150 billion in 2021). Despite such steep investments in cybersecurity systems, cyber-attacks continue to break new records. This is because most attacks have more to do with faults in human behavior rather than...
Christopher D. Kolenda, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Insights

America Is Flirting With World War III. History Reveals a Better Approach

America has been struggling to find its leadership role in faraway conflicts. Obama’s “leading from behind” suggested an elitist, puppet-master-like control of local actors, while Trump’s “not my problem” proclamations implied a U.S. retreat from the world. The Biden administration’s “Putin must go” and “Russia must be emasculated” bravado, while...
Big Picture

Why Travel In Europe

Europe is a beautiful destination, and it has traditionally been a destination for tourists due to its significant advantages. While other places are now being ''discovered,'' Europe provides a handful of opportunities for those who want to have a full experience in terms of tourism. Today, we will talk about...
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