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Serendipitous Idea Generation for Hybrid and Remote Teams

“I don’t see how we can replace the serendipitous idea generation of hallway conversations. If we don’t return to the office full-time, we’re going to lose out to rivals who do so and gain the benefits of serendipity.” That’s what Saul, the Chief Product Officer of a 1,500-employee enterprise software...
Jon Shanahan
CEO Insider

New Year, New Plans—But No New Predictions

Predictions were rightly cancelled in 2020; instead, benefits professionals look to 2022 with thoughtful planning. One of my new year’s resolutions is to never make another prediction. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that predictions don’t hold much water. Instead, I’ve learned to make flexible plans rather than firm predictions....
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Trust – are we diluting its value?

We know intuitively that trust is a feeling – often a gut feeling. It cannot be purchased, outsourced, automated, created through a policy or process, or sent out as a message. Trust is an emotion, as it relates to the limbic system, which is also involved in motivation, learning, memory,...
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