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What To Do To Go With The Flow

Serious efforts are dedicated to fitting in with what people want from us. Stressful careers, demanding kids, or heavy loans all stand above us, asking us to make it. The result, in any case, is that no matter what happens, we have to put our pieces back together and go with the flow. Doing that is not easy because apart from everything we described, there is another parameter we do not have the luxury to discuss very often; ourselves. Apart from other people and other factors that determine our future, we must consider our feelings and whether we can be a part of the group or want to be the black sheep that no one likes. Before you say you want to be like everyone else, remember that successful people did not make it because they were just like everybody else. They made it exactly because they were different. The question is: In what way were they different? Today we will talk about how we can be different in a way that will only help us and never cause trouble.

  1. The balance between being yourself and remaining social
    One thing we must respect about ourselves is that we try to go with the flow. That is, we have to create an environment where we will be able to breathe. Keeping a part of our authenticity up on the surface is essential. Other people will be able to see our flows up to a certain point, but at the same time, we will be more capable of expressing ourselves and our feelings. Here, we may see some people taking a distance from us, but that should not work as a sign that we have to go back to behaviors where we did not let ourselves be who we are.
    On the contrary, we will have to let go of those who are not excited about us. We should leave space for new friends that will be attracted by the things that we will let them see. These parts will be the characteristics of our real selves.
  2. No need to lose opportunities; just keep a balance
    All this sounds like nice advice, but life is not like a fairytale. Sometimes we have to make compromises to find our way to our destination. No one says we cannot act according to our judgment. If we decide to be authentic, which still does not work for us, we probably overdid it. Being authentic and not having to smile at every opportunity does not mean we will go ahead and be rude. If this is our real face, then we have to change. Until that moment comes, we will have to become smoother. So, if this whole honesty thing does not work, you will have to reconsider your approach and make sure you do not lose crucial opportunities. Especially job opportunities do not grow on trees, just like money. So we should better pay respect to those who approach us to cooperate and partner with us; otherwise, we are just being stubborn.
  3. Standing up for our beliefs
    Another side of what we often have to do to go with the flow includes our beliefs and how we stand towards a bunch of issues. Being able to say our opinion openly is vital. It is helpful for us and allows others to hear interesting thoughts that they perhaps had never heard before. Open conversations are the key to a democratic and respectful society. However, again there are rules in this game as well. Having eccentric ideas can bring a sense of fresh air in many cases, especially when it comes to business. Still, in the meanwhile, the way we will talk about them has to be examined. If you want to talk about the great ideas and opinions in your head, choose the right place and moment to do it. In addition, when this moment appears, make sure you talk about them in a way that does not offend or insult others and shows your respect for other people’s opinions and feelings.

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