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7 Reasons Why College Is The Best Period In Our Lives

For most of us, the years we spent studying are a sweet memory that we would love to repeat. Today we will remember what makes these years so unique and what they have to offer to young people.

  1. Fewer commitments than ever
    Remember the song lyrics, ”no hidden catch, no strings attached”? It is not rare to find college students traveling the world. Have you ever thought about why this is so common? Usually, when young adults are still at the point where they have to finish their studies, they haven’t made any big commitments. They are probably not married, nor do they have kids. At the same time, they haven’t started a job they must take seriously with deadlines and other commitments. It is the best time to be free.
  2. First time alone and in control
    To start with, the period when you are in college is the first time you can be away from home and your parents and live on your own. You have control of your life and daily routine, and no one tells you what to do and how to do it. It is impressive how being in control creates a further sense of security at all levels. Besides, you can be yourself when you don’t have relatives around. Unfortunately, when we are near our parents, we have to be the good kids they always wanted to raise. A part of ourselves cannot be expressed, and we realize that when we finally live away from them.
  3. Fun is sweet
    Most people do not go to college just with the ambition to study to have a career, even though this is the long-term plan. The reality is that the years you will spend in college will be memorable. All the parties and gatherings you will enjoy will leave something to remember when you get old. Enjoy it because you will probably not have the chance to live that again.
  4. The future is in front of you
    College is the time when you are allowed to try everything, and it is ok if you make mistakes. Since it is a common truth that it is a period of exploration, no one expects you to have figured out exactly what to do with your life. Mistakes are allowed, and if you fail, you can change your direction and try your skills and talent in different challenges. This is something someone will not realize until they get older. The best part about college is that you can literally try whatever you put in your mind. You have plenty of time to make mistakes, fail, and try again. You don’t have to plan your steps carefully because you simply have time on your side, and this is a great luxury.
  5. The adventurous life you have always dreamed of
    The age of students and the situation they experience is ideal for exploring new things. Youth is the age of adventure. People learn themselves in an attempt to learn the world as a whole. There is so much stuff you will do for the first time. Some of them will excite you, and you might end up doing them for the rest of your life. One thing is for sure, hobbies, excursions, and a whole bunch of adventures are waiting for you.
  6. Helpful people and a joyful atmosphere
    Another fantastic thing about this period in someone’s life is that many people do the same things as you do. Most students are on the same page and have not yet taken separate directions in their lives. We could say college offers a controlled collaborative community that embraces all of its members. An atmosphere of cooperation is usually present, and it is less likely that you will experience the competition and stress you will later find in the working environment.
  7. Relationships under the microscope
    Relationships are a priority in college. Among the new things that you do, you should expect yourself to meet new people. Friends and love partners will dominate your thoughts. As we mentioned before, most people are on the same page, so you will likely have choices and you will meet people who want to connect, enjoy, and explore.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Critical thinking - 7 Reasons Why College Is The Best Period In Our Lives
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