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Top Institutes for Cartography in the World, 2022

Historic builidings from the University of Wisconsin

The term cartography is made up of two French words: “carte,” which means “map” or “card,” and “graphie,” which means “writing” or “descriptive science.” As a result, cartography is the research and practice of creating maps that are helpful to the general public. Cartography is a research field that combines empirical and artistic elements. Picture analysis, graphic presentation of data, data capture, and data manipulation are all topics covered in this area. Your choice of geography program will have a significant effect on your future. To account for this, we look at a school’s overall Best Colleges list, which considers a variety of variables such as degree attainment, educational opportunities, student body caliber, and post-graduation earnings for the whole school.

  1. DePaul University, Chicago
    DePaul University, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a private Catholic academic university. It became the largest Catholic university in the United States by enrollment in 1998. The Geography Department at DePaul University offers geotechnical courses that train students for careers in international development, environmental monitoring and management, intelligence and diplomacy, and the geodemographic, economic, and social sciences. Geographic education, as well as the information technology industry, is engaged in the development and construction of maps and geographical databases.

  1. Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
    Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is one of Hungary’s oldest institutions of higher learning, and it has long been the country’s top university, as shown by international higher education rankings. ELTE’s excellence has been built on close links between education and science over its nearly four-century existence. Its goals include sustaining and enriching culture on a national and global scale, fostering research and passing on intellectual skills, and shaping and meeting society’s long-term needs. ELTE was established in 1635 and is Hungary’s oldest continuously running university.

  1. University of Wisconsin, Madison
    The Thesis is a thesis-based master of science in cartography and geographic information systems offered by the Department of Geography. In addition, the Cartography and Geographic Information Systems M.S. program provides two technical non-thesis options: GIS Development (online program) and Accelerated/Non-Thesis (in-residence program). The Geography listing in this catalog contains information about buildings, supporting faculty and personnel, and curriculum specifications for all graduate programs in the department. The M.S. (Thesis) in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems offers a broad basis in geography and geographic information science theory and practice.

  2. Kielce University of Technology, Kielce
    The making and Geographic info Systems M.S. program provides 2 technical non-thesis options: GIS Development (online program) and Accelerated/Non-Thesis (in-residence program). The earth science listing in this catalog contains info regarding buildings, supporting college and personnel, and course of study specifications for all graduate programs within the department. The M.S. (Thesis) in making and Geographic information Systems provides a broad foundation in earth science and geographic scientific discipline theory and application. Students at UN agency receive an Associate in Nursing M.S. (Thesis) degree in earth science are ready to pursue a pH scale.D. in earth science or add government departments, designing associations, conservation agencies, non-governmental organizations, or personal enterprise.

  3. Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw
    KSU is one of all Georgia’s most inventive teaching and learning establishments. GSS combines varied geospatial technology with applied scientific domains within the Bachelor of Science with a serious in Geospatial Sciences (GSS). The GSS program aims to supply high-quality graduates World Health Organization area unit well-versed in the theory and implementation of geospatial technology like GIS, remote sensing, and land measuring. Students learn basic geospatial skills moreover as content distinctive to at least one of 3 concentrations: human-environment technologies, information systems, or land measuring.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Institutes for Cartography in the World, 2022
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